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Guest NetID Policy

The Policy for Guest NetIDs for Network Access (GuestNetID) applies to temporary guest NetIDs issued to persons who do not have a University Directory Service identity, either as a faculty, staff, or student or as a Special Authorization individual.

The policy is published at

The history of the policy and ongoing implementation activities are documented below.


To comment on draft documents or any other aspect of IT policy, please add your comments at the bottom of the page in question, or send email to Comments are welcome on any document at any time.


Current Questions:

Current Process Step:

All OK?

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Revised Laws and Procedures Section to refer to the UW-Madison IT Compliance Agreement which is what folks acknowledge when they activate an NetID. Also, linked to the compliance agreement from the Request Guest Accounts page. ]


Added a Laws and Procedures section at end of the policy to refer to Appropriate Use, Electronic Devices and other relevant policies. This was done to provide better guidance to Guest NetID requesters as to what laws and procedures the Guest NetID recipient should be aware of.


Policy revised (and issued?)


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