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  1. To create the standard wiki pages for a policy initiative, Copy this page and its children, and in doing so replace HANDLE with the selected prefix for wiki pages for this initiative, example: IT Assets Policy. The Copy function can make all the copies and change the HANDLE in one step. Handles should be short but descriptive. They ensure that pages for different initiatives will have different names, and help the user recognize which initiative they are viewing.
  2. If any pages need to have a slightly different name, rename those pages before doing the remaining edits on each page. Note: if you rename a page, all references to that page are automatically updated. Link text might not be updated, but link itself will be updated. To rename a page, edit the page and change the name.
  3. On each page:
    1. Replace any text in angle brackets with what is described. (Delete the angle brackets.) There are many instances where the include macro is used. This allows the same text to be used on multiple pages, and makes it a lot easier to keep that text consistent across all pages. A lot of the text that needs to be replaced is in those included pages.
    2. Replace any remaining instances of HANDLE with the selected prefix. (Not all instances are automatically replaced, for example, the link text might not be changed even though the link itself was changed.)
    3. Fill in other information, for example the members, link to charter, link to Box and GSuite folders, etc.
    4. There may be additional instructions in Info boxes. Delete those Info boxes.

The complete list of HANDLE pages follows. After you Copy (step 1 above) your selected prefix should appear instead of HANDLE.

Pages that are 'included' in other pages are: Current, Description, Ground Rules, Meetings, Meeting Schedule, Members, and Title. You don't need to remember this, just update the material in each page and the include macro will propagate it automatically. Be sure to remove the Info boxes.

<Official Title of the Policy>

<Short description of the policy or initiative, (a line or two). In addition, it is OK to link to a longer description if it is available.>

The policy is not yet published.

Team Members

Member                      Unit                     Member                           Unit                     Member                           Unit                     
John DoeCervidae Studies

Make the entries alphabetical by last name across the rows. Indicate (co-chair), (facilitator), or any other special role. A (sponsor) is usually not a member of a team they sponsor, but there are exceptions. Any (ex officio) members are members, and are not necessarily distinguished as such in the members list. Guests are not members and are not listed.


Recently Updated

Team Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule


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