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Next Meeting

IEncrypt/IReport Joint Implementation Team meeting, June 25, 9:00-10:00 Rm 2281 CS.


1. Agenda Review


2. Background, what's been happening.


Activities to date:

  1. IEncrypt and IReport were both endorsed by the ITC on May 15.
  2. The CIO issued the policies with an effective date of June 1:
    • IReport compliance deadline is immediate
    • IEncrypt compliance deadlines are TBD.
  3. Communications activity:
    • Primary Tech Partners have been (or soon will be) informed, (see message text)
    • We can include a brief announcement in the upcoming IT Policy Forum invitation, language TBD. Deadline: June 30.
    • We can place an IT Policy article in the early Septermber issue of Computing@UW, language TBD. Tentative deadline: last week of July.
    • All other communications issues have yet to be resolved.
  4. The joint implementation team was organized.

3. Charter.

Handout: IERJIT Charter

Action: OK.

4. Outline of Tentative Plan.

Handout: IERJIT Plan

Action: OK.

5. Where do we go from here?


  • Regarding IReport:
    • Jeff will look into:
      • Does Help Desk have the necessary procedures?
      • Status of training for technical people on investigation techniques?
      • Coordination with UW PD.
      • Have copies available at registration table at Lockdown?
    • Rick will check with CTIG to see if they would like to have a presentation on IReport.
    • Judy, Gary and Laura will arrange to send a message to acad-admin-directors regarding IReport being effective, and include examples of reportable incidents.
  • Regarding IEncrypt:
    • Allen will investigate having a technical team to write documents that provide guidance about Encryption. This might include but is not limited to:
      • Products (including Mac/Linux products)
      • Key recovery
      • Standards
      • Full disk and file by file encryption options
      • Archiving requirements
    • Judy and Gary to consider adding an addiitonal bullet to the policy that describes accidental exposure of information as a reportable incident. (For example, accidentally publishing it on a web site.)
    • Team will temporarily set aside questions regarding funding and compliance dates.
    • Technical staff at UW-Madison need to support each other. Central support is limited.

6. Other?

Future meetings:

Action: This time slot is a good time to meet. Gary will schedule another meeting.

Future meetings

IERJIT Meeting 2009-07-30, Rm TBD.

Next Meeting


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