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Protection of Sensitive Information by Encryption Policy Stakeholder Team (IEncrypt PST)

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008, 10:00-11:00 Rm 2281 CS (NOTE TIME CHANGE!)

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Note: This meeting is the formal presentation of the IEncypt recommendations to the CIO.

  1. Agenda review. (All) OK

  2. Questions from CIO to the team. OK

  3. Framework for Protection of Sensitive Information.
    • Definition of sensitive information needs to be coordinated with records management and public records terminology
    • Need self-service scanning software to find sensitive information – CALS and Engineering are experimenting with clients.
  4. Data Stewards Group.
    • Need practices and policies specific to data category:
      • Don't put sensitive information on vulnerable devices.
      • Register if you do.

  5. Volume or site licensing for encryption.
    • Chancellor is advocating cornell policy model.
    • Concerns about cost – possible ways to reduce central expenditures:
      • laptop and portable devices only, not workstations.
      • subsidize the price, but departments still need to pay part of it.
      • explore a UW System-wide licensing solution.

  6. Building and operating infrastructure for a central key recovery solution. Discussion:
    • Already have infrastructure from the pilot.
      • Will it scale?
      • What will that cost?

  7. Inertia: how to get implementation moving. Can we name some goals?
    • Need to move forward with policy this Spring.
    • Create implementation team. Members could initially be drawn from:
      • IEncrypt PST
      • Encryption pilot implementation team
      • Desktop Encryption Team
    • Draft policy quickly.
    • Have IEncrypt review draft.

  8. Other? None

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