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UW-Madison Policy for Storage, Transmission and Encryption of Sensitive Information (IEncrypt)

The current version of the policy is published at:

Attached below is the current version (2010-09-24a).

For draft revisions (if any) see IEncrypt Policy Drafts.

  File Modified
PDF File IEncrypt_Policy-2010-09-24a.pdf 2010-09-24 version (PDF) Sep 19, 2012 by GARY W DECLUTE
Microsoft Word 97 Document IEncrypt_Policy-2010-09-24a.doc 2010-09-24 version (DOC) Sep 19, 2012 by GARY W DECLUTE

For older versions please see IEncrypt Policy Archive and IEncrypt Policy Drafts Archive.

See also:

Supporting documents


Sensitive Information

Definition of Sensitive Information.



IT Policy Computing@DoIT article

09/16/09 article on encryption policy. (Cached here)

OCIS Tools page

07/25/09 Web page mentions storage and encryption. (Cached here)

Protect your Laptop from Theft

05/17/09 Web page includes references to encryption. (Cached here)

OCIS Computing@DoIT article

03/23/09 Article on encryption. (Cached here)

History of development and revisions


IEncrypt HistoryHistory of development and revision of the policy.

IEncrypt Policy Archive

Older released versions.

IEncrypt Policy DraftsDrafts currently under development  See also: IEncrypt Policy Drafts Archive.

IEncrypt Recommendations

Recommendations of the IEncrypt Policy Stakeholders Team.

Related initiatives


Encryption Futures Task ForceMade immediate and long-term recommendations for encryption tools.
Protection of Sensitive Information During Transmission (ITransmit)IT policy initiative for adding transmission encryption to the IEncrypt policy. ITransmit Recommendations.

IEncrypt/IReport Joint Implementation Team

Help guide implementation and revision.

Information Incident Reporting Policy (IReport)
and IReport Inititative

Directly related to IEncrypt. Loss of a laptop or other portable device or media would not need to be reported as an information incident if the sensitive information on that device or media is encrypted.

Framework for Protection of Sensitive Information (PSIFramework) Recommendations
and PSIFramework Initiative

Further recommendations by the IReport and IEncrypt Policy Stakeholder Teams regarding protection of sensitive information.


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