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IT Policy Forum, Wednesday, November 11th, 2009, Rm 121* Pyle Center.

* When you arrive, please check the display in the lobby for any last minute room change.

What's new at this forum?

  • The presentation and discussion will focus on institutional identity and access management services at UW-Madison.
  • There are likely to be policy issues to address when these services are further developed.

If you have not attended a previous IT policy forum you might be interested in an introduction to IT policy at UW-Madison.


  1. Introduction
    (John Krogman, DoIT Chief Operating Officer)
    See also: UW-Madison IT Policy Program (2009-11-02)

  2. Announcement: UW-Madison Policy for Use of Institutional Access Control Services
    (Gary De Clute, IT Policy Consultant) [5 min]

    For background, see: IAccess

  3. Presentation and Discussion: Identity and Access Management
    (Chris Holsman, DoIT Enterprise Internet Services, Keith Hazelton, DoIT Architecture)

    For background, see: Initial Discussion Draft - Affiliation Review Group - Process Recommendations

    Discussion results

  4. Status of IT policy initatives [5 min]
    See: Status (2009-11-02)

  5. Closing

Background material:


Judy Caruso
Director, Policy and Planning

Gary De Clute
IT Policy Consultant

  File Modified
Microsoft Powerpoint 97 Slideshow
iam update itpolicy 111109.ppt IAM presentation, (with ARG discussion points at the end)
Nov 20, 2009 by GARY W DECLUTE
Microsoft Powerpoint 97 Slideshow
IT Policy Forum-2009-11-11.ppt Agenda and status slides
Nov 10, 2009 by GARY W DECLUTE
PDF File
argProcDraft-01.pdf Initial Discussion Draft - Affiliation Review Group - Process Recommendations
Nov 10, 2009 by GARY W DECLUTE


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