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  • IT Policy Forum 2014-04 Discussion Report Back
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The discussion questions were:

a. How do you currently make people in your unit aware of campus or local IT policies?

b. What would be the most effective ways to increase general awareness of IT policies?

c. What current IT policies should be  emphasized?

d. What would be the best ways to make IT policy documents easy to find?

Each top item from a group might be from any of the questions above.

Group 1

  • Variations, lack of consistency and relevance
    From group notes: Making people aware of policies is hopeless – 17 buildings across campus – weird collision of Profs, Research, Departments
  • social media                                    

    • which?

    • how?

    • who maintains?

  • “don’t look for work” I already have a full time job.

Group 2

  • Policy website and top policies in orientation/onboarding
    From notes: Get the policy website or even just the 5 in front of every new employee just once. Include it in orientation
  • Once per year, email from CIO "here are our policies, updates", plus news on
    From note: Once a year the CIO pushes out “These are our policies and updates” either by email or as a news item
  • Good way to search for policies. A standard naming convention [for policies].
    From notes: A good way to search for policies across campus. Possibly with a standard naming convention to allow for easy searching

Group 3

  • Policy and implementation to IT staff who can distribute them further
  • Understandable, friendly, short: then link to full policy
  • Onboarding
  • Most important, need solutions, not just policy

Group 4

  • there isn't a "most" effective. A variety of audiences. Try everything.
  • brief, friendly, short
  • [which policies to emphasize?] the usual suspects
  • branding and marketing campaign
  • No labels