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IT Policy Forum, Wednesday, August 5th

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  1. Welcome
  2. Introduction
    (Bruce Maas – Vice Provost for Information Technology)
  3. Web Accessibility Testing Tools
    1. Overview of Tools and Plans
      (Gary De Clute – Office of the CIO)
    2. Demonstration of "Accessibility Management Platform" (AMP)
      (Al Nemec – CALS)
    3. Policy and Guidelines
      (Gary De Clute – Office of the CIO)
      Background: Web Accessibility Policy, Web Accessibility Guidelines.
      Handout: Web Accessibility - Starting Points for Content Owners.
      Please send feedback on the guidelines to

  4. Discussion – Two tracks. Please join the one you're most interested in.
    1. Integrating web accessibility into the design and publishing process

      • How does your unit assure that web content is accessible to people with visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive disabilities?
      • What are some other practical ways a unit like yours could build accessibility into the web development and publishing process?
      • What barriers do you encounter or anticipate encountering?
      Discussion results

    2. Web accessibility policy

      • Web Accessibility Policy, proposed revision
        ITAccess Policy Drafts (NetID login required)
      • Accessibility of course materials is related to general requirements that we not discriminate against students with disabilities. McBurney Disability Resource Center works with faculty and students to assure that students with disabilities have access to the course material. This is done on a case-by-case basis. At face value, current policy requires course materials to be compliant with Section 508 web accessibility standards, even if no students with disabilities are registered for the class.

      • WCAG 2.0 will likely be the new Section 508 standard within two years. At this time, is it reasonable to change the emphasis of campus documentation and support to match that new standard?
      • Creating course materials is the responsibility of instructors. To what extent would it be helpful to have a separate accessibility policy or separate guidelines for course materials?
      • What other policy issues related to IT accessibility should we be considering?
      Discussion results

  5. Report back from discussion groups.
  6. Invitation to participate further. 
    For more information on any of these options, please contact, or talk with members of the Coordinating Group after the forum.
    1. Try out the Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) and other tools. Let us know what you think.
    2. Send feedback about the policy, guidelines and procedures to
    3. Help campus with "getting it right, from the beginning". Participate in the Accessible Development and Publishing Phase I Project.
    4. Help guide UW-Madison's IT accessibility program. Join the Web and Mobile Accessibility/Usability Coordinating Group.
    5. Share your experience. Join various interest lists on which accessibilty is discussed.
    6. Raise the issue of accessibility in other interest lists or organizations you are a member of.
  7. Closing and Evaluations

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Forum Discussion Results

  • A current of future team uses the discussion results while forumulating their recommendations. It is often the starting point for more detailed discussion.
  • Discussion results for each forum are linked from the forum's agenda.
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