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IT Policy Forum, Februray 9, 2017

Discussion Results


  1. Welcome
    Bob Turner, UW-Madison Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  2. Introduction
    Bruce Maas, UW-Madison CIO, and Vice Provost for Information Technology
  3. If I were a Risk Executive, what would I do?
    Bob Turner, CISO
    Presentation | Handout
  4. Discussion – Topic: Cybersecurity Risk Management: The Risk Executive.
    • The draft Cybersecurity Risk Management Policy is the game-changer that makes risk management in the functional units real.
    • The discussion will provide input to be used while drafting the policy and procedures, and in follow up risk management activity.
    Discussion Results
    There are three small groups to choose from, each one with an example authorization letter that states the current level of risk, and asks the "Risk Executive" to make a decision. The three groups focus on:
    • An administrative system
    • A HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
    • A instructional system
    There is also a research example that all three of the groups can discuss.
    For each example letter:
    • Who would the risk executive be if this were in your unit? 
    • How could IT staff in your unit support the Risk Executive?
  5. Report back from the discussion groups
  6. Closing and Evaluations

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