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  • IT Policy Forum 2018-02 Communication Channels Discussion Results
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Regarding communications channels

  • Email to tech-partners.
  • Targeted email & user groups.
  • General consensus that they like everyone included on email.
    • Put all grouns that are receiving the emails.
  • Facstaff TechNews is sent every other week. (Student version is weekly.)
  • What do you read in TechNews. Bob asks if it should be more.
    • Scan or throw away
    • Out-of-date KB pages are a problem.
      • Update or delete.
      • One source of correct info is needed.

Regarding the list of policies under development (under IT governance)

  • Question of assessing impact of policy
    • Need a way to submit feedback.
    • Be proactive.
    • Identify possible communities to solicit for feedback.
  • Look at impact both to end usrs as well as service providers

Regarding communicating about changes in policy

  • Communicate policy update/change/creation, but also make transparent how to find policies
  • From eyes of new hire, how do they find out what they need to know? How do they know to ask?
  • How do other organizations address this?


  • Policy must have an implementation plan
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