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  • IT Professionals Meeting 2016-12-12
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Dec 12, 2016, 2:00-3:00, B106 CS *

*To get to B106 CS: Take the elevator by the DoIT Tech Store in the Computer Sciences building. Go down to the basement. Turn left. You have arrived.

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  1. Welcome, introductions
  2. Ground Rules (see dratt below)
    •   OK.
  3. Meeting Schedule
    (Also located in O365, on the IT Professionals team Wiki page.)
    • OK
  4. Review  discussion results from November IT Policy Forum, and an example document, adapted from Leicester University, UK.
    • Approach to completing the work
      • Gary will pour the forum results into a google apps document
        • Will add the example text for convenient reference
        • Will add comments and changes proposed at this meeting
        • Will be done by 12/16 (probably sooner)
        • Will add all members to folder.
        • Will send link to the team.
      • Team members who are willing may choose any section(s) and convert.
      • When converting sections:
        • use the Leicester text as an example, (already in the draft doc), but put it in our own words,
        • base our text on:
          • the forum bullet points, (already poured into draft doc.)
          • comments from this meeting (already in the document as comments, or changes noted),
          • anything else you would like to add.
        • OK to directly edit when converting.
        • May be better to comment when suggesting substantive changes to other people's sections.
          • Not an absolute rule. Minor changes/fixes OK for sure. More at one's discretion.
      • The team will continue to collaboratively edit, at meetings and between meetings.
      • Gary will convert any remaining sections, the week before the February meeting.
      • Gary will make a pass through week before the February meeting:
        • making sure the document has consistent style,
        • keeping as much of the team's wording as possible, and
        • avoiding changes to the intent of the text.
      • At last meeting, final review, and planning for moving the initiative forward.
    • See the team's google apps folder for the beginning of the draft document
  5. Next steps

    • For next meeting:
      • Review progress editing the draft.
    • Before next meeting:
      • If you are willing, choose a section of the draft and covert the text, using
        • the Leicester text as an example.
        • the IT Policy forum bullet points,
        • comments from this meeting, and
        • anything else you would like to add.

Ground Rules (draft)

  1. Everyone must be treated respectfully, whether present or not.
  2. Everyone present who wants to speak on a topic must have a chance to speak.
  3. Attend more often than not, and review materials when you can't attend.
  4. Don't be shy, or worry about perception of an idea - we need open borders for these discussions.
  5. Let's park side issues or extensive detail for future work by this team, or others.

Future agenda items

  • ...

Future Meetings

  • No futher meetings planned for development of the guidelines, but there will be organized follow up activity regarding an IT professionals organization. Please contact Sara Tate-Pederson or Laura Grady for details.
  • IT Professionals Meetings


Parked Items

  • ...

Team Members

Gary De CluteIT PolicySabrina MesserEducationAlan SilverChemistry
Jason ErdmannEducationSara NagreenMathematicsSara Tate-PedersonAIMS
Laura GradyCIO Comm.Dave ParterCSSusan WeierL&S



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