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  • IT Professionals Meeting 2017-01-09
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Jan 09, 2017, 2:00-3:00, Rm 2281 CS

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  1. Agenda review, notes from last meeting.


  2. Establishing and maintaining the guidelines for IT professionals at UW-Madison (20 min)

    • There needs to be a way to establish the guidelines, (i.e. make them official in some sense,) and encourage voluntary adherence by self-identified IT Professioals.
    • The document outlines one possible way to do that.
    • We'll talk about this more at our final meeting in March.
    • There will be additional follow up in April and beyond.
    • News: A separate but overlapping group of IT Professionals are taking the initiative and are doing preliminary planning for an IT Professionals Conference this Spring. WOW! Details TBD.
  3. Collaborative editing of guidelines document
    Google doc is at: (team members only)
    • We did some collaborative editing during the remainder of the meeting.
    • Please continue editing between now and the next meeting.
  4. Next steps

    • For next meeting:
      • Review progress editing the draft.
    • Before next meeting:
      • Continue editing

Ground Rules (draft)

  1. Everyone must be treated respectfully, whether present or not.
  2. Everyone present who wants to speak on a topic must have a chance to speak.
  3. Attend more often than not, and review materials when you can't attend.
  4. Don't be shy, or worry about perception of an idea - we need open borders for these discussions.
  5. Let's park side issues or extensive detail for future work by this team, or others.

Future agenda items

  • ...

Future Meetings

  • No futher meetings planned for development of the guidelines, but there will be organized follow up activity regarding an IT professionals organization. Please contact Sara Tate-Pederson or Laura Grady for details.
  • IT Professionals Meetings


Parked Items

  • ...

Team Members

Gary De CluteIT PolicySabrina MesserEducationAlan SilverChemistry
Jason ErdmannEducationSara NagreenMathematicsSara Tate-PedersonAIMS
Laura GradyCIO Comm.Dave ParterCSSusan WeierL&S


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