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  • IT Professionals Meeting 2017-03-13
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Mar 13, 2017, 2:00-3:00, Rm 2281 CS

Wiki page:


  1. Agenda review.  

  2. Notes from  previous meeting. Please comments or corrections to Gary.

  3. Briefly review what we have so far.
    Google doc is at: Now in MS Word format.

    As of 3/6:
    • Sections 2 thru 5 are relatively stable. Need some tuning.
    • Sections 1 and 6 need a lot of work. There will be more work on these before the 3/13 meeting

    As of 3/12:
    • Section 1 completed but abbreviated. Section 6 filled in. Added title page. Added references throughout, but some still needed. Miscellaneous edits. Still missing the introduction of some sections.

    • Move (2)(f) "Handling support of non-UW-Madison-owned devices and services" into (1), and use it as an example under an additional section on "Understading the scope of your job"
    • Move (2)(e) "Helping people understand our IT works", to follow (2)(b) "Keeping users informed"
    • Change title of (2)(d) Managing Change, so it is more specific to change that affects users.
    • Move section (5) "Adherring to policy and regulations" to follow section (3) "Following and improving standards". Share language between these two sections regarding exceptions.
    • Move section (4) "Promoting good practice within the University", to follow section (2) "Respecting the interests of your users".
    • In section(6) "Maintaining your professionalism", add participation in IT governance, and other collaborative opportunities.
    • Add a conclusion that describes that this is a living documents, feedback is welcome, who to contact, etc.
    • Team should send comments, changes, and references to Gary, who will incorporate them.
  4. Discuss the possibility of forming an UW-Madison IT Professionals Organization
    What could an IT Professional Organization do?
    1. Encourage mentoring by both mentors and mentees.
    2. Encourage use of shared IT services
    3. Orientation to UW IT environment
    4. IT onboarding resources and templates
    5. IT professional development
    6. Maintain and advance the Guidelines, Best Practices and Advice for UW-Madison IT Professionals
    7. IT awards and recognition
    8. Annual UW-Madison IT Professionals Conference
    9. Other events on a variety of topics, format, frequency, TBD.
    What would an IT Professionals Organization look like?
    1. Membership would be open to UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students, (and possibliy other UW-Madison associates, TBD.)
      1. Interpret membership broadly, for example "UW-Madison community". No intent to exclude.
      2. Keep focus of discussion and activity on UW-Madison. Others are welcome to participate.
    2. IT professionals self-identify.
      1. Membership is not an indication of experience or position within the institution.
      2. Student participation encouraged. UW-Madison CIO would be a member.
    3. Members agree to follow the Guidelines, Best Practices and Advice for UW-Madison IT Professionals.
    4. Executive board is co-chaired by IT leadership, (e.g.  the UW-Madison CIO,) and one other elected member of the organization.
    5. Registered as a UW-Madison organization,
      1. A grassroots organization. Self-organizing. Not top-down.
      2. IT leadership, (e.g. CIO,) shares the leadership role, so that activity remains connected to IT leadership.
    • Under "What could an IT Professional Organization do?"
      • Clarification: (a) though (e) under "What could an IT Professional Organization do?" are from previous onboarding recommendations, and are in priority order. Note that they are not strictly about onboarding. (FYI)
      • Add "IT awards and recognition" (DONE, above)
    • Under "What would an IT Professionals Organizatio look like?"
      • Interpret membership eligibility broadly, for example "UW-Madison community"
        • Name faculty, staff and students specififcally, and encourage participation by students. (DONE, above)
        • Clarify regarding other UW-Madison associates. (TBD during formation and/or later by membership of organization)
        • Keep the focus of topics and discussion in the context of UW-Madison, (e.g. discuss UW-Madison standards, policies, etc.) (DONE, above)
        • Regardless of who the official members are, anyone who is interested can attend meetings and events, particpate in activities, etc. There is no intent to exclude anyone. (DONE, above)
      • Longer-term, consider becomming a national organization in order to qualify for CEU's. (TBD by membership of organization)
    • Regarding how to advance a proposal:
      • Sara Tate-Pederson and Laura Grady will co-charge ahead!
        • Will contact UW IT Connects, Communities of Practice, etc.
        • Will coordinating with Dave Parter, Alan Silver and others regarding the planned IT professional conference this Spring.
        • Will coordinate with the Policy Planning Team regarding a possible IT policy forum this Spring or Summer. (Laura is on the PPT.)
      • Gary will re-purpose the ITProf email list, and turn it over to Sara and Laura.

Ground Rules (draft)

  1. Everyone must be treated respectfully, whether present or not.
  2. Everyone present who wants to speak on a topic must have a chance to speak.
  3. Attend more often than not, and review materials when you can't attend.
  4. Don't be shy, or worry about perception of an idea - we need open borders for these discussions.
  5. Let's park side issues or extensive detail for future work by this team, or others.

Future agenda items

  • ...

Future Meetings

  • No futher meetings planned for development of the guidelines, but there will be organized follow up activity regarding an IT professionals organization. Please contact Sara Tate-Pederson or Laura Grady for details.
  • IT Professionals Meetings


Parked Items

  • ...

Team Members

Gary De CluteIT PolicySabrina MesserEducationAlan SilverChemistry
Jason ErdmannEducationSara NagreenMathematicsSara Tate-PedersonAIMS
Laura GradyCIO Comm.Dave ParterCSSusan WeierL&S



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