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UW-Madison IT Compliance Agreement

The IT Compliance Agreement is what all users agree to when they activate their UW-Madison NetID. The IT Compliance Agreement is not your typical 'click thru' agreement. It applies to all UW-Madison IT resources. It contains important information that users need to be aware of in order to make responsible use UW-Madison IT resources.

The IT Compliance Agreement is published at:

The review and revision history is at:

The development history of the agreement is documented below.

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2015-12-20(tick) Rev A of 2012 version. In preparation for release of the website, fixed links and punctuation, and adjusted meta-data. A major revision is still pending.
2015-03-17(info) CISO and ACISO decided the agreement should be full agreement that comprehensively covers IT security. Plan is to engage with UW-MIST as a starting point.
2015-02-16Created wiki page.


PPT Meeting 2015-02-11. Planning for IT Compliance Agreement review and revision.

2015-02-02Reviewed the IT Compliance Agreement. A major revision is needed.
2014-02-01Reviewed the IT Compliance Agreement. It's an unusual document that could use some improvement. It's OK for now.
2012-08-17 (tick) Published the IT Compliance Agreement on the CIO's IT policy list. (Earlier versions have been present on the NetID activation system from its inception.)


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