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From May 31 meeting

Issues identified so far

Raw flip chart notes

Possible categories of issues

Tranmission – sometimes too focused on encryption, rather than limiting transmission and distribution.

[tools and solutions] [scope]

Relationship between ITransmit and IEncrypt.

[policy and guidelines]

"Free" certificates enable encryption.

[tools and solutions]

WiscVPN enables encryption.

[tools and solutions]

Is this about "Public Networks"?

[scope] [use cases]

UW-Madison to UW-Madison transmission only, or UW-Madison to third party also? Where is the border?


Types of Sensitive Information.
* Human Subjects
* etc...

[scope] [use cases]

Policy vs. Guidelines.

[policy and guidelines]





Person to Person (e.g. email) vs. Person to Entity (web sites).

[use cases]

Personal conduct/practice.


Repository of information needed by external users.

[tools and solutions] [use cases]

Mobile devices.

[scope] [use cases]

Windows shares, samba, SQLNet, etc.

[scope] [use cases]

Encryptions hides problems (e.g. can't scan for viruses.)

[use cases] [communications]

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