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Protection of Sensitive Information during Transmission (ITransmit)

Protection of Sensitive Information during Transmission (ITransmit) is developing recommendations for policy and guidelines that complement and extend the previous initiative that addressed Storage and Encryption of Sensitive Information (IEncrypt).

Tuesday, July 26, 2011, Rm 2281 CS

  1. Agenda Review
  2. Review draft of recommendations document
    Handout: Draft Recommendations

    Action: Gary has notes. Highlights:
    • Nick and Jim are going to meet and come up with better text to describe the increase in risk in the background (section B.1.)
    • In recommendtion 2 (the guidelines) add a table of the use case to show how they are related.
    • Instead of three separate lists in recommendation 2 (the guidelines), have one flat list that includes all the use cases.
    • Combine recommendation 3 (priniples to guide future activity) into recommendation 4 (the recommended future activity.)
    • Make more explicit which use cases only apply to the "wired" network.
    • Make clearer that the "wireless" network isn't just 802.11x (what we might assume out of habit.) In the broader sense it includes all the mobile protocols and services.
    • We can't just say "don't use the wireless network for sensitive informatation". That's too simplistic. Secure solutions exist in some instances, and those instances will expand over time.
    • Make clearer that the transmission path is not just the wires/fiber or the spectrum. It also includes any intermediate servers or services, and it includes the servers or services providing the connection into the client on each end.
  3. Next Steps?

    • Schedule more meetings in between the monthly meetings beginning in September onward, in order to speed up progress on the recommendations.
    • Send revised doc to team by Aug 5, for review and comment prior to Aug 30 meeting.
  4. Other?

Future Meetings:

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