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Protection of Sensitive Information during Transmission (ITransmit)

Protection of Sensitive Information during Transmission (ITransmit) is developing recommendations for policy and guidelines that complement and extend the previous initiative that addressed Storage and Encryption of Sensitive Information (IEncrypt).

Tue, Feb 28, 2012, 3:00-4:00, Rm 2147 CS.

  1. Agenda Review

  2. Review results from Feb 07 IT Policy forum

    Action: Attendenace was lower than usual. Those present did not object to any of the teams recommendations.

  3. Review draft modifications to IEncrypt Policy
    Handout:  Draft IEncrypt Policy Revisions

     See revised policy attached. 

  4. Next steps
    Handout: IEncrypt phase I�plan

    Action:  For the next meeting, Gary will bring the adjusted draft policy and a first draft of Guidelines for Everyone.

  5. Other?

Future Meetings:

  • There will meetings of the "Encryptio Futures" team, starting in Fall 2012.
  • ITransmit Meetings

  File Modified
Microsoft Word Document
IEncrypt_Policy-2012-02-29.docx Draft revisions, 2012-02-29, IEncrypt Policy, added transmission plus other changes
Feb 29, 2012 by GARY W DECLUTE
Microsoft Word Document
IEncrypt_Policy-2012-02-27.docx Draft revisions, 2012-02-27, IEncrypt Policy, added transmission, plus other changes
Feb 27, 2012 by GARY W DECLUTE


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