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ITransmit Use Cases

Add use cases in any format or manner. I will format them more consistently once we have collected a few. Thanks! Gary.

2012-10-10 Note: These use cases are incomplete. For more cases see the Recommended Procedures for Faculty, Staff and Student Employees at IEncrypt Policy Drafts.

Use Case Name: web server

Characteristics: c2b, on-line, synchronous
Description: a user on a client computer wants to interact with a service in real-time

Example use: on-line banking

Example solution: TLS 1.2+ with a server certificate signed by a widely known root authority

Use Case Name: e-mail transmission

Characteristics: b2b, on-line, synchronous
Description: cooperating organizations want to exchange moderately secure e-mail

Example use: medical services

Example solution: e-mail gateways with certificates and TLS 1.2+

Use Case Name: end-to-end e-mail encryption

Characteristics: c2c, off-line, asynchronous
Description: cooperating users need to exchange highly secure e-mail

Example use: human resources, incident response, sensitive research collaboration

Example solution: end-to-end e-mail encryption with S/MIME or PGP

Use Case Name: sensitive data packages

Characteristics: b2b, off-line, asynchronous
Description: cooperating organizations need to exchange highly secure data in bulk using physical media

Example use: medical billing, outside collaboration

Example solutions: end-to-end file encryption with S/MIME or PGP; secure USB fob with biometric authentication

Use Case Name: data exchange

Characteristics: b2b, on-line, asynchronous, batch
Description: cooperating organizations need to integrate workflows. Typically this involve secure file drop off and pickup, with batch processing on both ends.

Example use: medical HL7 data transfers

Example solutions: TLS 1.2+ with client certificates, SCP with public key authentication, FTPS

Use Case Name: secure chat

Characteristics: c2c, online, synchronous
Description: cooperating users need to exchange highly secure instant messages

Example use: incident response

Example solution: shared secure jabber room

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