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NetID Eligibility Policy

The NetID Eligibility Policy (NetID) describes eligibility for NetID, WiscMail, and dial-up services.

The policy is published at

Thehistory of the NetID Eligbility Policy and ongoing implementation activitiesare documented below.



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11/04/2013Replaced the document on the CIO web site with a short document directing the user to see the KB article.
03/13/2012 Adjust so: All applicants are eligible, and those with emeritus status need to be entered into the HRS database by the Academic Personnel Office.


Removed language about Lump Sum employees.


Adjusted language regarding former students.


Delayed separating the policy and implementation until Spring 2012.


Adjusted language regarding UW-Colleges, UW-Extension and UW-System Administration employees.


Decided to separate the "policy" component from the "implementation" component, so implementation can be on the KB and updated whenever necessary. Implementation would be the specific criteria being applied. Scheduled Fall 2011.


Converted to a PDF file, and:

  • Lump sum employee statement has been removed
  • LTE 45 day paid date statement has been removed
  • Reworked the student employee portion to distinguish between Madison student employees and student employees from other campuses


Extend the period that former employees will retain their NetID from 30 days to 2 years. This was done because W-2 forms and other work records in the My UW Madison portal need to be accessible during that period.


Updated the policy on so it matched the DoIT help desk knowledge base, (in which the recent change(s) were being recorded.) For details of the most recent change, see the 11/2007 entry above. Made a consensus decision that the Office of the CIO would be responsible for maintaining the policy in the future.


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