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IT Policy Planning and Analysis Team (PAT) Executive Committee

The PAT Executive Committee (PAT EC) is described in the PAT Charter. The PAT EC is responsive to the priorities of IT governance, communicates on behalf of the PAT, establishes PAT ground rules and operating procedures, sets PAT meeting agendas, commissions and monitors Drafting Teams and PAT subcommittees, and recommends and monitors Policy Stakeholder Teams.

Policy Planning and Analysis Team (PAT) assists IT governance with the monitoring and iterative improvement of the IT Policy Principles and Procedures. This includes intake, prioritization, drafting, and analysis of IT policies, communication with the UW-Madison community, and planning for IT Policy forums.












Bruce BartonAppointed
GLS Jennifer Bonifas

Joe Salmons

of ITC


Bob Turner




Sue Weier





Quorum is three. Also attending as ex officio: Gary De Clute (facilitator, SME IT Policy), Ed Jalinske (SME IT Policy)



For earlier meetings see PAT EC Meetings Archive (Wiki login required)

Meeting Schedule

Scheduled PAT EC Meetings

PAT Subcommittees

The PAT Executive Committee sponsors and provides direction to the PAT subcommittees. Please see the PAT Charter for details.
  • PAT Communications (ongoing)
    The PAT Communications Subcommittee seeks to improve awareness of IT Policy, in general, and presentation of IT policies on the web and KB. The subcommittee also organizes the IT Policy Forums.
  • PAT Portfolio (ongoing)
    The PAT Policy Portfolio Subcommittee helps organize IT policies into topic-oriented portfolios, and develops roles and best practices for management of policy portfolios. Each portfolio is managed by a portfolio manager and one more responsible executives.
  • PAT Process (ongoing)
    The PAT Process Subcommittee incrementally improves the IT Policy defined in the IT Policy Principles and Procedures. The subcommittee also monitors ongoing execution of the IT policy process to identify areas that need improvement.

PAT Drafting Teams

The PAT Executive Committee sponsors and provides direction to the PAT Drafting Teams. Many different groups and individuals review and suggest changes to policy-related documents. The DT has editorial control of the documents for a particular IT Policy initiative. Please see the PAT Charter for details. Updated: 2019-09-29.

Active Drafting Teams

Inactive Drafting Teams

To comment on draft documents or any other aspect of IT policy, please add your comments at the bottom of the page in question, or send email to Comments are welcome on any document at any time.

PAT Status Summary

PAT Status Summary

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