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  • PAT EC Meeting 2018-12-21
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Policy Planning and Analysis Team Executive Committee (PAT EC) Meeting

1:00-2:00, Rm 2147 CS

Attending: _x_Bruce Barton,  __Jennifer Bonifas,  _x_Joe Salmons,  __Bob Turner,  _x_Sue Weier.  Also attending:  _x_Gary De Clute (facilitator)



  1. Agenda review, and approve minutes from prior PAT EC meeting. (5 min)
    Handouts:  Prev EC meeting minutes  

    • OK.

  2. Announcements (5 min)  
    • None
  3. Review   previous PAT plenary meeting   (5 min) 
    Goal: Improve the PAT plenary meetings.
    • Discussion good.
  4. IT Policy Roles and Deliverables Chart (10 min)
    Goal: Review charter. Review need to have a Development Plan for sufficiently complex situations.
    Question: Present chart at next PAT meeting to provide background on why to have a Development Plan?
    Handout: Chart (version 6/5/2018)
    • OK.
  5. Subcommittee Status and Reports (15 min)
    Goal: Manage the PAT subcommittees.
    Items updated since the last EC meeting are underlined and colored red.
    1. Communications (ongoing) – See  2018-12-19  meeting notes.
      Goal this EC meeting: Informational.
      • Main emphasis of subcommittee right now is on the "Finding IT Policies" guide page on
        • Guide page is designed. Now fiilling in text in KB documents that feed content to the page.
      • Tentative topic for the Feb IT Policy Forum is CDM.
        • Good opportunity to:
          • Explain how CDM is already being implemented at UW-Madison
          • Get input on specific parts of that implementation (TBD)
          • Recruit members for the CDM Advisory Group.
        • Need to work with UW-MIST co-chairs to ensure the CDM Advisory Team charter is ready by then.
      • (Lower priority) Gary is working to improve the IT Policy KB search capability, and on sharing policies with the DoIT Help Desk to improve search capability there.  
      • Significant changes in the KB interface will be occuring in the Spring.
    2. Encryption  (ad hoc)– See PAT Meeting 2018-11-09 meeting notes for a summary of encryption-related activity from 2008 to Nov 2018. 
      Goal this EC meeting: Informational.
      • The PAT subcommittee is temporarily on hold pending progress on implementation to support encryption.
      • The team engaging on UW System Work Plan recommended starting an encryption project. Status of this TBD.
        • McKinney Austin and Gary De Clute have volunteered.
        • Gary offered to recruit help from the folsk on the PAT ad hoc committee.
        • WIll need a security engineer from Office of Cybersecurity.
      • Request for assistance from UW-MIST on hold until status of engagement team work is known.
    3. Incident Response (ad hoc) – See Incident Resp 2018-05-14 notes
      Goal this EC meeting: Informational.
      • The PAT subcommittee will not meet again until the pending table top exercise that simulates response to an incident.
      •  The current policy and procedures are aligned with UW System.
        • Readability of both policy and procedure could be improved. Can be done by the subcommittee.
        • It is possible to revise substantive content, if desired, but that will require involving more people to review changes.
        • Either way, we could have the revised policy and procedure reviewed via IT governance and approved by the ITC.
    4. Portfolio (ongoing) – See 2018-12-19 meeting notes
      Goal this EC meeting: Discuss. Take action.
      • Addressing Credentials Development Plan and IT Asset Inventory Development Plan.
      • Addressing a possible Data Management portfolio, and will report back to the PAT.  
      • Need to decide what is or is not within scope for portfolio subcommittee. Subcommittee make recommendations on:
        • Mix of portfolios
        • Mix of documents within each portfolio.
        • Intake of ideas for new and revised documents.
        • Need to revew documents or develop new documents, relative priority among them, and can the activity be bundled.
        • Drafting of a Development Plan for a policy/document, if warranted.
        • It is imporatant to clafify the role of the portfolio subcommittee vs. work done at PAT plenary meetings.
    5. Process (ongoing) –  See  2018-12-11 meeting notes  
      Goal this EC meeting: Informational.
      • ITC will review, amend, and approve the IT Policy Principles and Procedures this Fall.
      • The subcommittee is working on process sub-steps descriptions, and other documents.
      • Subcommittee is working to recommend an appropriate mix of process documentation. What process documentation is most useful to:
        • The UW-Madison community as a whole
        • The UW-Madison IT community as a whole
        • ITC and IT governance 
        • Those participating in the policy process in some role.
        • Those who monitor, manage, and improve the poprocess, (e.g. PAT and its subcommittees.)
        • Other audiences with unique needs not covered above?
  6. Planning for the next plenary meeting of the PAT (20 minutes)
    Handout:   Draft agenda 

    • Add anouncements:
      • DTAG approved the executive summary of the Cybersecrity Strategic Plan
      • Very close on approval of the PP&P. Probable vote at Jan ITC meeting.
    • Adjust agenda:
      • Credential development plan and IT Assets Inventory Management development plan will not be recommendations from the subcommittee (had to cancel Dec meeting.)
      • Will still present them at Jan PAT meeting for discussion and feedback to the Portfolio subcommittee.
  7. Status of IT policy initiatives (as time permits)
    Handout: Policy Initiative Chart (updated first week of each month)
    Background: See PAT Meeting 2018-11-09 for a description of each initiative as of that date.
  8. Progress on Work Plan and Vision (as time permits)  
    1. Progress on PAT Work Plan (11/02)  Annotated version  
    2. Progress on achieving the PAT vision (11/16) Annotated version
  9. For next EC meeting:
    Standing agenda items:
    • Review previous plenary meeting.
    • Review, adjust subcommittee activity.
    • Set agenda for the next plenary meeting agenda.
    Special agenda items:
    • ...

PAT Status Summary

PAT Status Summary

Ground Rules

  1. Everyone must be treated respectfully, whether present or not.
  2. Everyone present who wants to speak on a topic must have a chance to speak.
  3. Attend more often than not, and review materials when you can't attend.
  4. Don't be shy, or worry about perception of an idea - we need open borders for these discussions.
  5. Let's park side issues or extensive detail for future work by this team, or others.

Future Agenda Items

  • ...

Meeting Schedule

PAT EC members












Bruce BartonAppointed
GLS Jennifer Bonifas

Joe Salmons

of ITC


Bob Turner




Sue Weier





Quorum is three. Also attending as ex officio: Gary De Clute (facilitator, SME IT Policy), Ed Jalinske (SME IT Policy)


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