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  • PAT RACI Chart Description
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RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed.

The following describes these roles as they are applied in the PAT RACI Chart

For any activity:

  • There is always at least one Accountable entitiy. (This is shown in bold in the Chart.)
    • If there is more than one,they are usually accountable for different things, although shared accountable is possible.
    • All Accountable entities are also Responsible entities. (This is not shown on the Chart.) They may delegate some or all responsibility, but they cannot delegate accountability. Although they remain fully accountable, they may, in turn, hold their delegees accountable for fulfilling the delegated responsibilities.
    • Accountable entities make decisions. They may also delegate decision-making authority. (Delegated decision-making by not shown on the Chart.)
  • There is always at least one Responsible entity. This is shown underlined in the Chart.)
    • There may be multiple Responsible entities. Their responsibilities may overlap. There is often shared responsibility.
    • Responsible entities do the work. (They are often held accountable for doing so, but this is not shown on the Chart.)
    • All Responsible entities are also Informed and Consulted.
  • There are usually several Consulted entities.
    • Consulted entities provide solicited advice.
    • Soliciting their advice is optional, depending upon the circumstances, but care should be exercised when omitting Consulted entities. Taking the advice is also optional, but again, care should exercised.
    • All consulted entities are also Informed.
  • There are usually several Informed entities.
    • Informed entties may provide unsolicited advice. If the advice is solicited they are Consulted.
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