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Policy Stakholder Team for Use of Personally Owned Devices for University Business

(Based on revised scope, a more accurate name would be: Use of Non-UW-Madison-owned Applications and Devices for University Business")

03/30/11 version (adjusted members)


Policy Stakeholder Team, temporary

IT Policy Initiatives

Use of Personally Owned Devices for University Business


Vice-Provost for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Initial Deliverables

Recommend to the Vice-Provost for Information Technology:

  • The appropriate mix of policies, guidelines, procedures, standards and principles.
  • The major issues or points those documents should (or should not) cover.
  • The team may submit partial or interim recommendations prior to the final report

Follow up Deliverables

After making recommendations to the Vice-Provost for Information Technology:

  • Review subsequent documents early in the drafting process.
  • Assist as practical in presentations and discussions leading to endorsement.
  • Advise and assist during rollout.

Deferred Issues

  • Drafting of policy language.
  • Development of guidelines, procedures and standards.

Referred Issues

  • Note significant issues that appear to be out-of-scope, and refer them to the CIO or the Policy and Planning Department so they can be addressed.


  • Work within the context of the IT Policy Process.
  • Tranparency and good communications.
  • Inclusive representation and participation.
  • Appropriate review and revision.
  • Practical implementation.


  • Use of personal devices for university business is essential in many departments and other units at UW-Madison.
  • The university or units of the university can mandate that employees and users comply with various requirements in order possess or access information or resources for which the institution or unit is responsible, and those requirements can apply to personally owned devices when such devices are used to possess or access the information or resources.


  • Applicable state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Applicable UW System or UW-Madison policies.


  • Scope could become too broad.
  • The team could focus on too fine a level of detail.

Communications & Collaboration

  • The team should assist as practical in communicating the issues and obtaining additional input, for example, presentations, discussion or feedback at IT policy forums.
  • The team should collaborate with other groups that are addressing issues related to the team's work


  • The team should initially review the charter and consult with the sponsors regarding any recommended changes.
  • The team may consult with the sponsors regarding later amendment  of the deadlines, deliverables, team membership or other issues.




IT Policies

IT Policy Plan

IT Policy Process

IT Policy Wiki

POD initiative

Team Membership


Bruno Browning


Judy Caruso

CIO Office

Gary De Clute

CIO Office

Peg Eusch


Dave De Coster


Bob Glover


Allen Monette


David Null


Jurgen Patau


Charlene Rieck Krembs


Phil Saunders


Brenda Spychalla


Eric Straavaldsen



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