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  • POD Meeting 2010-04-29
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Use of Personally Owned Devices for University Business (POD)

Thursday, April 29th, 11:00-1200, Memorial Union.

  1. Agenda review OK

  2. Discuss outcome of April 9 meeting with the CIO.
    Handout: Notes from POD Meeting 2010-04-09

    Possible discussion points:
    • Awareness and Training
      Action: This will be a key part of the "implementation". (First need to know more about what we are implementing.)

    • Possible forum on POD's?:
      • Aim for an October forum (more time to prepare and arrange for speakers.)
      • Focus on strategic implications to business processes.
      • Invite: Administrative council, Dept Administrators, Crossroads, ComETS, (and the usual folks who might also be interested.)
      • Format: A series of short presentations (to frame the issues,) followed by a discussion of strategy to address the issues.
      • Speakers could include: CIO, HR, RO, Legal, Records, ComETS, Univ. Comm., Infrastructure support (technical, but high-level overview)
      • Need a strong keynote speaker to set the tone: Chancellor? Provost? VC-Admin? (Not unreasonable, because POD's have strategic impact, and leadership is interested in the issues.)
      • Sponsorship could include any or all of VC-Admin, Provost, Chancellor, and CIO, plus any interested Dean or Director.
      • Gary will draft an event description suitable for recruiting speakers.

    • Propose that Aug IT policy forum be dedicated to POD discussions?
      Action: Yes, and this could focus on the more technical aspects such as device support, app support and infrastructure support.

    • Work on addtional recommendation(s) on institutional support for POD's?
      Action: Wait until we know more about the direction of the team's work. (August forum would be an opportunity to discuss issues with the community.)

    • Invite Ron to a future meeting?
      Action: Wait until Ron has discussed issues with leadership.

  3. Next steps?

    • Focus and name of team:
      • Keep the same name, but work on the broaders scope (applications and services.) Most work will focus on POD's. (Applications and services is more about what we put into contracts, what we are trying to contract for, etc. There are already people working contracting.)
      • If we split the team, it would be better to split along the lines of: Education (awareness and training), Resources (support.)

    • Team membership?
      Action: Deferred (ran out of time.)

    • Other actions?
    • Meeting Schedule?
      Action: Bi-weekly for now, in case we need to react quickly this summer as we plan activities. (Can cancel meetings we don't need.)

  4. Other? None

Future Meetings:


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