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  • POD Meeting 2010-09-02
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Use of Personally Owned Devices for University Business (POD)

Thursday, September 2nd, 11:00-1200, Memorial Union.

  1. Agenda review OK

  2. Outstanding action items re: non-UW-Madison apps and services OK
    (See POD Meeting 2010-08-05 for more detail)
    • Publish an additional version of the guidelines for "administration", since this is an important issue for them as well.
    • Recommend that the university create a process for contracting for non-uw apps and services.
    • Recommend there be a brief list of major or most commonly sought apps and services. (Link to this from guidelines, and elsewhere.)

  3. Outstanding action items re: POD Recommendations OK
    • Clarify what is meant by an application or a service (this issue was previously identified)
    • Meet with Heideko Mills and/or other members of her team.
    • Update the recommendations.

  4. For our consideration: Results of Policy Planning Team Discussion re. using mobile devices for university business


    1. Purchasing

      Somehow we have to get to a change in attitude from cant buy to recognition that mobile devices have an important role to play. We need to loosen the rules for university purchasing. For example, L & S has a policy that high visibility devices need approval of the Dean before University purchase. This includes thub drives, PDAs, iPAD, etc. For cell phones, L & S uses DOA rules.

      • Lower priority.
      • Perhaps purchase decisions on devices can be left to each unit, (to the extent UW-Madison has the option.)

    2. Purchasing apps for a mobile device

      If the mobile device is owned by the individual, who buys the apps. They are only putting the app on the device to do their university business. We need app UW apps to be web-accessible. Who owns the license? Many mobile app vendors require the account to be in an individuals name so the vendor (and us) doesnt know that the app (if purchased with a ProCard) is actually owned by the U. If they UW purchased it, the UW owns the license. We need a policy, especially as it relates to the data (see POD Recommendations.) We probably should have more UW contracts with these vendors like with Google Apps, (see action items in agenda item #2 above.)

      • Perhaps purchase decision on apps can be left to each unit, (to the extent UW-Madison has the option.)
      • When owned by the individual, the individual would be responsible for compliance with the license and applicable laws (for example: export restrictions.)
      • Check to confirm that it is already UW-Madison "policy" that individuals who possess UW-Madison equipment are responsible for compliance with the license terms and applicable laws.
      • See also, outstanding action items under agenda item #2 above.

    3. Managing the application

      Who does installs, upgrades, etc. of the application? Does it matter who owns the app? Do our tech staff have to support this app? What if it is an official app of the dept or university? We need 2 policies: If university data, need to be managed by UW and Only software from preapproved vendors can be purchase for mobile device (if using for UW data).
      • Requires additional investigation.
      • See also, outstanding action items under agenda item #3 above.

    4. Support of the device

      We have a general HD (DoITs) that will help any university person with any device. But there are hidden costs for local tech staff. Do they have to support the device? There is an L& S policy that they will provide no support for home computing. This is not enforced, however, and IT staff are asked to provide support for personal devices.

      • Perhaps support decisions can be left to each unit, to the extent UW-Madison has the option.)
      • Staff can purchase and own what they need, but should:
        • Check with local IT staff and/or DoIT HD to see what device support is available.
        • If applicable, check on availability and support of UW-Madison-specific apps.

    5. University Data

      The data needs to be protected like it would be if it was on a university computer. When the employee leaves the UW, we need to collect data and licenses (if the UW owns them) from the individual. What about the software sometimes its almost worthless. Its disposable. Can it be treated as de minimis and allow the employee to take it with them. We need policies about data backup and access.

      • Regarding UW-Madison data, (including data backup and access,) see the first recommendation in POD Recommendations. (We believe that it is already the defacto policy that the individual is responsible for protecting and assuring accesss to UW-Madison data that is in their possession, but perhaps clarification and better communications are needed.)
      • Abandoning software that has been issued to a former employee appears to be fairly common practice. The value is often low. Not sure what the "legal" basis would be for this, but de minimus use is a plausible idea – we could check with Legal Services. (See note above regarding the individual's responsibility for compliance with license terms and laws.)

    6. Tax paying tax when purchasing devices and software

      Some vendors have no provision for purchase of apps by a business. Its all personal accounts. So if someone buys the software and seeks reimbursement there is the tax issue. If the UW tries to use its purchasing it cant eliminate the tax. This is a problem.

      • This is a minor issue (and minor amount of money.) It will resolve itself as vendors modify their business models away from a strictly "personal" approach so they can compete in the enterprise market.

    7. Applications development for the mobile device

      This is a double-edged sword. You dont want to stifle what devices are used by UW folks but you also don't want to develop apps for every device ever made. We should have a policy that recommends a specific device(s) unless not possible.

      • Having "recommended" devices is consistent with allowing each unit to set policy, and each employee to purchase as permitted. (See action items under (a), (b) and (d) above.) Apps development would tend to focus on the recommended devices.
      • It appears that current apps development is primarily focusing on "query" apps for access to UW-Madison-specific data. Not sure for what devices.
      • See also, outstanding action items under agenda item #3 above.

  5. Other? None

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