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  • POD Meeting 2010-10-28
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Use of Personally Owned Devices for University Business (POD)

Use of Personally Owned Devices (and Cloud Services) for University Business (POD) seeks to clarify how university requirements for privacy, security, and retention of data are applied to personally owned devices and use of non-UW-Madison-owned applications and services.

Thursday, October 28, 11:00-1200, Memorial Union (See TITU)


  1. Agenda review

  2. Discuss Mobile Apps Initiative (follow up from meeting meeting with Hideko)
    See: Sep 30 POD meeting notes
    Action: No further discussion at this time. See notes below for additional action.

  3. Where do we go from here?

    1. Revise our previous recommendations and submit to Joanne.
      • Need to decide what to change and what additional things to recommend! Many possibilities. (Need list.)
      • Once we have a list, which seem compelling?
      • Action: Meet with Joanne (in Nov if possible) to discuss: background, prior recommendation, prior suggestion of a campus meeting, other alternatives, next steps.

    2. Our primary recommendation is already defacto policy.
      • University data DOES belong to institution, and employees ARE responsible to protect it when they possess it.
      • Folks don't always realize what that means.
      • Begin to work on awareness and education.
      • Team could advise regarding communications.
      • Action: Same as previous.

    3. Collaborate with Mobile Apps Initiative.
      • We have good connection at this point.
      • Not yet clear what we can contribute.
      • Action: Gary to meet with subcommittee on Nov 2.
        Goal: continue to explore how the POD team could be of assistance as work proceeds.
        We will know more afterward.

    4. Connect with Email, Calendaring Chat project.
    5. Work on compliance with guidelines for use of non-uw-madison apps and services.
      • These have already been approved and issued, and are within the team's expanded scope.
      • Team could advise on communications and implementation efforts.
      • Efforts could include:
        • Awareness: Getting the word out about the guidelines and their importance.
        • Ideas and review of documentation of UW and non-UW alternatives (see list of outstanding action items below.)
        • Encourage continued efforts to contract effectively for relevant service. How do we do that?
        • Connect with the Google Apps project? (They are already doing some of the above.)
      • Action:
        Arrange contact with ComETS regarding best way to communicate guidelines for instruction.
        Discuss with Hideko Mills how we might proceed in communicating guidelines for research.
        See also: possible ECC team contact above. Also: possible GoogleApps team contact TBD.

  4. Additional meetings (if relevant)?
    • Continue on Thursday's at 11:00 at Memorial U?
    • Action: Apart from special meetings with the CIO and others, continue to meet approximately monthly on a Thursday at 11:00 AM at Memorial U. No further meetings until after we meet with the CIO.

  5. Other? None

Outstanding action items

  • Outstanding action items re: non-UW-Madison apps and services

    • Publish an additional version of the guidelines for "administration", since this is an important issue for them as well. From POD Meeting 2010-08-05.
      Status: Drafted.

    • Recommend that the university create a process for contracting for non-uw apps and services. From POD Meeting 2010-08-05.
      Status: Pending.

    • Recommend there be a brief list of major or most commonly sought apps and services. (Link to this from guidelines, and elsewhere.) From POD Meeting 2010-08-05.
      Status: (Very rough) draft of this is started at: CommonServices. On hold until we can consult with Joanne, ComETS and Hideko Mills.

  • Outstanding action items re: POD Recommendations

    • Clarify what is meant by an application or a service. (This issue was identified early in 2010.)
      Status: Incoporate as we revise recommendations. See: On hold until we consult with the CIO.

    • Recommend that decisions regarding purchase and support of devices and apps be left the individual units, (to the extent that UW-Madison has the option.) (From POD Meeting 2010-09-02)
      Status: Incoporate as we revise recommendations. On hold until we consult with the CIO.

Future Meetings:

  • Hope to meet with the CIO in Nov.
  • Hope for next POD meeting in Dec.
  • Possible other meetings with ComETS, ECC team etc. (Not sure if they visit us, or we visit them. TBD.)


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