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  • POD Meeting 2010-12-09
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Use of Personally Owned Devices for University Business (POD)

Use of Personally Owned Devices (and Cloud Services) for University Business (POD) seeks to clarify how university requirements for privacy, security, and retention of data are applied to personally owned devices and use of non-UW-Madison-owned applications and services.

Thursday, December 9, 11:00 AM, Memorial U.

  1. Agenda Review OK
  2. Discuss results of meeting with CIO
    • We have a green light to do any of the actions listed in the notes of the meeting with the CIO.
    • We can determine the priorities among them.
  3. Discuss results of meetings with Mobile Apps subcommittee.
    • Mobile Apps subcommittee on governance is leaving the details open for now.
    • There are two different issues, with possibly different approaches to governance:
      • Governance of the UW-Madison app (recently released.) Possible model: the My UW Portal advisory group. (The app is portal-like.)
      • Discussions among members of the community who are engaged in developing mobile apps. Possible model: the Social Networking advisory group.
    • POD can continue monitoring, assist as needed. Most likely to be helpful in the community discussion. See agenda item #6 below.
  4. Upcoming exploratory meeting with APR Tools. Need a couple of volunteers?
    Action: Charlene, Eric, Phil and Gary to attend. Gary will set up meeting.
  5. Upcoming visit by Email, Calendar and Chat team consultants. Have a separate meeting?
    Action: Invite them to a monthly meeting.
  6. Begin planning event. Include cloud computing too? What to focus on?
    • Identify messages/topics.
      • Messages/topics will suggest scope of the audience.
    • Participate in other events that are occuring.
    • Perhaps (not for sure) organize a small event first.
      • Could be the main feature of April IT Policy Forum.
      • Possible speakers/topics
        • ComETS
        • Mobile Apps
        • UW Communications
        • Legal Services
        • Google Apps
        • Research and Cloud Computing
    • At some point if we organize a separate event:
      • Meet for 2 1/2 hours, maybe 10:30-1:00 or 11:30-2:00 (over lunch)
      • Have it at one of the Unions so people can get food.
      • Possible speakers as listed above (i.e. for the forum.)
  7. Future meetings. Meeting frequency? Subcommittees?
    • Continue to meet every four weeks at current time slot.
    • Create a communications subcommittee. Gary will ask for volunteers.
    • Could meet right before our regular monthly meeting.
    • Initial agenda of subcommittee is the action items in agenda item #6 above.
  8. Other? None

Future meetings:

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