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  • POD Meeting 2011-01-20
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Use of Personally Owned Devices for University Business (POD)

Use of Personally Owned Devices (and Cloud Services) for University Business (POD) seeks to clarify how university requirements for privacy, security, and retention of data are applied to personally owned devices and use of non-UW-Madison-owned applications and services.

Thursday, January 20, 11:00-12:00 AM, Memorial U.

  1. Agenda Review
  2. Liason visit from Email, Calendar and Chat project.
    Background: Email, Calendar, Chat project (ECC)

    Steve Devoti joined us. He described what the project has been doing and what the project is considering as it reviews the RFI that went out the first week of January, (and will go out again to CIC institutions to see what they might contribute.) The team shared thoughts on the email, calendaring and chat applications, the increasing importance of records management, and trends and issues in cloud computing. Of particular interest, the ECC team is looking at how the applications will interact with mobile devices. The team shared thoughts about access to protection of sensitive information and access to data and records on mobile and personally-owned devices. Possible actions the team could take include making recommendation to the CIO, including such thing as the need for awareness and training which is more urgent now that the ECC team is looking at support for mobile devices as well. No new activity of the team was identified, but an adjustment in priorities might be appropriate. Further discussion about follow up at the next meeting...
  3. POD status report at Feb 3rd IT Policy Forum
    • Could include both what been happening and where the team is headed?
    • Volunteer?
      Action: Phil Saunders volunteered.
  4. Liaison regardling POD's and research computing
    • Discussed this with Hideko Mills, Manager of IT Research Infrastructure
    • There are faculty and staff already considering the implications of personally-owned devices, cloud computing and mobile devices and much more.)
    • Requirements are being driven by contracts with funding agencies, human subjects research security requirements, protection of patentable inventions etc.
    • Our prior (and ongoing) work is consistent with the direction these requirements are headed in.
    • Research-related requirements or restrictions are likely to be more stringent than general purpose policy, guidelines or standarads for the campus as a whole.
    • Does not appear POD needs to engage specifically on research-related implications.
  5. Other?

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