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  • POD Meeting 2011-05-12
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Use of Personally Owned Devices (and Cloud Services) for University Business (POD)

Use of Personally Owned Devices (and Cloud Services) for University Business (POD) seeks to clarify how university requirements for privacy, security, and retention of data are applied to personally owned devices and use of non-UW-Madison-owned applications and services.

Thursday, May 12, 11:00-12:00 Memorial U.

  1. Agenda Review

  2. Additional Meeting?

    This is our last previously schedule meeting. Continue on same schedule?

  3. Update on APR Tools inventory requirements

    Gary met with Joe Goss. It appears that the inventory system requirements will accomodate tracking of administrative use of apps on mobile devices, personally owned devices, and cloud services. It isn't explicitly built-in, but there are reasonable adaptations or work arounds. The APR Tools team will need to decide if and when such tracking might begin. Joe is serving as their business analyst. He is familiar with the issues and can serve as a resource for their team. At this point our role is to be ready and willing if more information is requested. Gary will follow up periodically with APR tools to check the status. This is a long-term strategy. We can expect this process to take quite some time, (possibly multiple years.) Short-term, the POD/Cloud team will need to gather information by other means.

  4. IT Policy Forum Cloud Computing Discussion Results
    Handout: Cloud Computing Discussion 2011-04-27

  5. Revision of POD/Cloud Recommendations:
    Handouts: POD_Recommendations-2010-04-05a.doc and Possible Revisions to POD Recommendations-2011-03-22.doc

    Question for this meeting: Which among these possible recommendations should we include? (And any additional comments on those.) Also, the cloud computing discussion results might suggest additional recommendations not already covered.

    Follow up: Gary will revise the draft recommendations document to include the indicated recommendations as adjusted by the recorded comments from the team. The team can review the draft at the next meeting.

  6. Other?

Future agenda items:

  • Communications.
    Action items from prior notes are:
    • Identify messages/topics.
      • Messages/topics will suggest scope of the audience.

Future meetings:

  File Modified
Microsoft Word 97 Document POD_Recommendations-2010-04-05a.doc 2010-04-05 Recommendations (DOC) May 24, 2011 by GARY W DECLUTE
Microsoft Word 97 Document Possible Revisions to POD Recommendations-2011-03-22.doc Possible Revisions to 2010-04-05 POD Recommendations (DOC) May 24, 2011 by GARY W DECLUTE


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