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  • POD Meeting 2011-08-22
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Use of Personally Owned Devices (and Cloud Computing) for University Business (POD)

Use of Personally Owned Devices (and Cloud Services) for University Business (POD) seeks to clarify how university requirements for privacy, security, and retention of data are applied to personally owned devices and use of non-UW-Madison-owned applications and services.

Monday, Aug 22, 3:00-4:00 Rm 3207 CS *

* Please note that the room is different this month!

  1. Agenda Review

  2. Follow up on IT policy forum discussion groups
    See: IT Policy Forum 2011-08

    Action: OK. In Group B (Cloud contracting) Question 1 (Identifying services for contracts), clarified that it would not pose ethical concerns if we used anonymous information to discover what services are being used. We're only interested in discovering if there is a high level of interest in a service, not which people are using it nor what they are using it for.

  3. Members for Implementation Team(s)

    • Team: Contracting for Cloud Services.
      Charter might include:
      • Contract provisions:
        • Identify typical issues requiring resolution
        • Identify standard language (to use as a starting point)
      • Process:
        • Involving the right stakeholders at each step
        • Process for identifying candidate services
        • Process for choosing which contracts to pursue
        • Process for making recommendations on those we do not explicitly contract for (e.g. OK to use, definitely don't use, use at own risk, etc.)
        • Process for involving stakeholders during negotiation
        • Process for publishing, maintaining a list, reviewing, revising

      • Action:
        • Tim Dugdale and Brenda Spychalla volunteered. (Judy and Gary will also be on the team.)
        • Also suggested: library, purchasing services, research and sponsored programs, records management, legal services, someone from the Google Apps negotiating team, someone with CIC negotiating experience, and also someone from ECC team (if they go that route), and an ASM rep (if they are interested)
        • Rather than attend meetings regularly, some may want to be on a "cc:" list, and/or be consulted at appropriate times.
        • Google Apps was the "first iteration" and we should document what they did.
        • ECC (if they go that route) could serve as the "second interation" and we should document what they do.

    • Team: POD and Cloud Guidelines, Awareness and Training.
      Charter might include:
      • Update Guidelines for Use of Non-UW Applications and Services
        • (lots of issues to think about...)
      • Generally awareness of both POD and Cloud issues
      • Communication of both UW and non-UW service options
        • How to choose among?
      • New employee orientation
      • Coordination of more specific training on how to make responsible use of POD's and non-UW services
        • Generic POD's and cloud services. What to cover? Who provides?
        • On specific POD's and Services? How to choose? Who provides?

      • Action:
        • Tim Dugdale and Charlene Rieck-Krembs volunteered. (Judy and Gary will also be on the team.)
        • Also suggested: someone from: DoIT PT&E, OHRD, Records Mgt, CIO Communications, University Communications, someone involved in mobile apps, someone involved in the research world, consultation with legal services.
        • Rather than attend meetings regularly, some may want to be on a "cc:" list, and/or be consulted at appropriate times.
        • It is particularly important to involve Univ Communications.

    • Coordinating POD, Cloud, Mobile and other related activities.
      • A function of the CIO. Not necessarily a distinct team, but CIO office can't do it alone. Who to involve?
      • Processes for discovering who is doing what, identifying overlaps and synergies?
      • Development of liasons, encouraging communictions, etc.

      • Action:
        • Could be "reactive" and figure out on a case-by-case basis, who is doing what, who might be a liason, how to otherwise communicate, etc.
        • Could be "proactive" and organize a quarterly meeting of interested persons, (specifically inviting those we know are on the various teams,) etc.
        • Suggestion was that we do both, starting with the reactive approach and experimenting with the proactive approach.
        • For the "proactive" approach, it is important that:
          • It be perceived as a campus-wide community group
          • We learn from the experience of ComETS in creating and sustaining that sort of group

  4. Other?
    • POD/Cloud Team Celebration!

      There was much enthusism for this.
      Gary will schedule one more get together at our regular time, two or three weeks out, so we can celebrate on the Union S. patio (near the SETT). (In the event unfavourable weather, we will move inside.)

Future meetings:

  • Implementation teams will be organized. Please consider serving on an implementation team!
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