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IT Policy Planning Team (PPT) Meeting, Thursday, Mar 11, 2010, 3:00-4:30 location 3139A CS

  1. Agenda review. OK

  2. Initial discussion regarding April forum

    Possible items for agenda (in no particular order):
    • POD recommendations (action for this TBD by POD team, presented by POD team)
    • My UW Principles discussion (if needed, presented and facilitated by Scott Fullerton)
    • IT Policy Plan for 20010-11 (contents TBD, activity TBD, presented by PPT)
      • POD team will determine how they want to present, and what they might want to discuss.
      • Gary will contact Scott to determine if discussion is still desired, and if so, invite him to visit the PPT.
      • Tentative plan is to multi-vote to prioritize possible new initiatives (as at previous Spring forums.)

  3. Planning for FY 2010-2011
    Action: See notes embedded below...

    • Current "most compelling needs"
      Action: OK.

      A. Access to information resources
      Timely and efficient access to campus IT services and information resources contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of departmental programs.

      B. Protection of information
      Unauthorized access to information can cause significant harm to individuals, departments or the institution.

      C. Collaboration and resource sharing
      Operational needs and fiscal constraints increase the need to share information resources, make decisions collaboratively and developed common goals and plans.

    • Ongoing Coordination and Planning
      Action: New section, with entries moved here from below.

      • Policy Communications (Com)
        Continued awareness of policies and policy development. Ongoing collaboration with the Office of the CIO Communications Department, the Policy Planning Team, and other stakeholders specific to individual initiatives and projects. Includes communications with IT staff, functional staff, faculty and students.
        Status: Ongoing. Will continue during all of FY 2010-2010 and beyond.

      • Policy Planning Team (PPT)
        Assists the CIO's Office with the iterative improvement of IT policy principles, process and plans.
        Status: Ongoing. Will continue during all of FY 2010-2010 and beyond.

    • Current initiatives and projects

      • Information Resource Management (IRM)
        Would address such things as definitions, roles and responsibilities, privacy, high-level information security policy and information resource governance. Would be sponsored and/or developed by "data stewards group" (creation of group currently under consideration.)
        Status: Planning. Likely to continue throughout FY 2010-2011.

      • "Red, White and Green" project [previously: GreenIT]
        Environmentally friendly practices in information technology.
        Status: ongoing. Will continue during all of FY 2010-2010 and beyond.
        [Is a project originating from the IT Strategic Plan, delegated to the Policy and Planning Department. Not a policy initiative, but is using a similar process.]

      • Use of Non-UW-Madison Owned Devices and Application for University Business (POD)
        Primary recommendation of PST (draft): Adopt a general policy that employee responsibilities to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive information and university records are determined by the type and content of the information or record, rather than the ownership of the device, application or service used to store or process the information or record.
        Status: Elaboration. Projected completion during FY 2010-2010.

      • Web Interface Standards (WIS)
        Would help assure that applications remain compatible with the web technologies in widespread use at UW-Madison.
        Status: Initiation. Seeking sponsors. Projected completion during FY 2010-20100.
        [Note: The broader issue is the adaptation of institutional processes to improve compatibility of acquistions, services and infrastructure.]

    • Possible new initiatives

      • Cloud Computing Non-UW-Madison Applications and Services [previously: Third Party Applications (TPA)]
        Further explore issues related to cloud computing non-UW-Madison applications and services such as privacy, secrutiy, access, contracts and more.
        Related initiatives: IRM, POD, WIS.
        [Note: UW-Madison previously issued "Guidelines for use of non-UW-Madison Applications and Services...".]

        Action: Rename to "Non-UW-Madison Applications and Services". Next fiscal year may be too soon to make changes. It is possible that the POD team could do what is needed in FY 2010-2011.

      • Identity Management
        Related initiatives: IRM

        Action: Based on discussion following the Winter forum, this is a high priority. Need some more text to further describe it. Text from Dave.

      • IT Purchasing Processes
        Possible adaptation of institutional processes for purchasing IT.
        Related initiatives: IRM, WIS

        Action: Based on discussion following the Winter forum, this is a high priority. May need to rename this to make it clear that it refers to requirement gathering and other discussions before initiating the actual purchasing process via Purchasing Services. Need some more text to further describe it. Text from Dave.

      • Mobile Computing
        Explore issues presented by increased use of mobile devices, such as privacy, security, compatibility, support, infrastucture and more. Related initiatives: IRM, POD, WIS.

        Action: Delete. There is already a team working on this. Invite someone from that team to present an update at the Spring forum.

      • Virtualization
        Explore issues related to virtualization of data centers, servers, workstations, networks, etc. Issues might include ownership, management, cost sharing, security and more.
        Related initiatives include: GreenIT, IRM, IT Strategic Plan (see, chapter 8.1, Data Center Services).
        [See:, and host of related articles. ]

        Action: This appears to be a "solution" rather than "issue". Retain for now, and guage opinion at the forum.

  4. Other?

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