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IT Policy Planning Team (PPT) Meeting, Wednesday, Aug 4, 2010, 9:00-10:30 location 3139A CS.

  1. Agenda review.
  2. Revision schedule of policies and procedures.
    See: IT Policy Review Schedule
    • Schedule OK
    • IEncrypt and IReport:
    • Non-UW Apps & Services:
      • Start with POD team
      • Need a procedure:
        1. Determine if a license is needed
        2. Get the license
      • Need an index of apps that perform various functions
        • List UW-Madison apps that can perform the function
        • List non-UW-Madison apps with whom we have a contract or other trust relationship
    • RUP:
      • Need a careful process of review
      • Begin planning in 4th quarter: involve legal services, others
    • IT policy principles and procedures:
      • Gary to mark up minor language changes
      • Gary to identify some broader issues to discuss at PPT, examples:
        • Change from "compliance" to "communications"
        • "Review" (change needed?) is distinct from "Revision" (specific changes?), need a process for each.
    • GuestNetID:
      • Gary to make minor procedure updates.
      • What about change of policy so policy agrees with actual practice?
        • Some (with approval from Univ. leadership) are issuing Guest NetID's anonymously
        • Some are issuing Guest NetID's anonymously within a defined group (such as attendees at a conference)
        • Raises the question, under what circumstances is it necessary to know who has a specific id?
  3. Need for improved awareness of the policy on Collection of Personal Identity Information via Email.
    See: COPE initiative and
    • Pull definition of restricted info off OCIS page and place in a separate document, link to that document from COPE
    • Reminder message needs to come from someone high-level
    • Send notice to TP's in advance
    • Would be good to get notice out quickly, (for further dissemination prior to Fall term)
  4. Other?
    Additional future actions:
    • Restricted info links in many places should link to the separate document described above
    • Will eventually need a better (more complete) definition of PII, (perhaps as part of data categorization by IRM?)

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