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IT Policy Planning Team (PPT) Meeting, Tuesday, Sep 6, 2011, 12:00-1:00, 333 ECM, Rm 11501

  1. Agenda review

  2. Status of Revision of Appropriate Use
    Background: See: RUP

  3. Status of DNS Naming
    Background: See DNS Naming

  4. PPT Plan for this year.
    Background: See future agenda items at end of this agenda.

    Action: Plan should include (in no particular order):

  5. Interaction with CIO?
    Background: See PPT Meeting 2011-07-26.

    Action: Team would like to create the PPT plan for the year, then meet with Bruce for 30 minutes to discuss. Gary will draft plan and schedule meeting with Bruce. Team to review plan prior to that meeting.

  6. Tentative agenda for Nov 2nd forum.

    Action: Defer to future meeting.

  7. Other?

    • List and description of current IT policy initiatives:

      Action: Gary described each. More generally, see: Initiatives
      • Look for the "Active Initiatives" at the top of the right column.
      • For description and status follow the link to each.
        • Description is at the top of the initiative's page.
        • Detailed status can generally be discerned from entries in the "History" section below.
          See also: IT Policy Initiative Status as of 2011-07 (As this is from June, it does not include the POD implementation teams.)

    • PPT meeting schedule:

      Action: Team would prefer to meeting monthly for 90 min. Gary will reschedule.

Future agenda items

Future Meetings:


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