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IT Policy Planning Team (PPT) Meeting, Monday, Sep 19, 2011, 11:30-1:00, Union S.

  1. Agenda review

  2. Status of IT Policy Initiatives:

    • ITC meeting report

      • RUP presented as an info item. OK.
      • ITC also received a presentation on the IT strategic plan.

    • Responsible Use

      Info: Gary will publish it and check for places on campus what have cut and pasted the old text into documents and pages.

    • DNS Naming

      Info: Judy and Gary met with legal services. Issue is that web sites doing UW-Madison work need to look like part of UW-Madison, and those not doing UW-Madison work should not look like part of UW-Madison.

      Action: Judy and Gary need to revisit strategy, and will get back to the team. Issue of web site naming outside of is separate from how we pick names within The DNS name selection policy is mostly about naming within May need to address naming issues separately.

    • ITransmit

      Info: Will be meeting this afternoon. Need to clarifying the goals and deliverables of the team, by reviewing the IT Policy Process and the ITransmit Charter.

    • nUWGuidance (POD implementation team on Guidance for use of non-UW-Madison devices, applications and services.)

      Info: Building an implementation team.

    • Cloud Contracting (POD implementation team on contracting processes for non-UW-Madison applications and services.)

      Info: Waiting to build an implementation team. This is an example of a process related to PreP, and is also relevant to current work on IT Governace. PreP needs to be addressed at a high level in IT Governance. The Cloud Contracting initiative may help accomplish that.

  3. Review draft of PPT team activity plan for this year.
        (Note: This is a plan for PPT team activity, not the plan for IT policy initiatives.)

    Background: See PPT Meeting 2011-09-06
    Handout: Draft PPT Team Activity Plan for 2011-2012

    Action: See edits in document attached below.

  4. Review draft IT Policy Plan for this year.
        (Note: This a plan for IT policy initiatives during the year, similar to previous such plans.)

    Background: Previous IT Policy Plans
    Handout: Draft IT Policy Plan for 2011-2012

    Action: See edits at IT Policy Plan FY 2011-2012.

  5. Preparation for discussion with the CIO
    Background: See PPT Meeting 2011-07-26 and PPT Meeting 2011-09-06
    Handout: As above.

    • Going over the plans with Bruce does not have as much value as other alternatives.
    • Need to know the goal of the meeting. Some questions we want to know the answers to:
      • Whether and how he finds the PPT useful.
      • What the PPT be doing to be more useful.
      • Role of IT policy on campus.
    • Decided we need to meet again before the meeting with the CIO. Gary will schedule.

  6. Upcoming Nov 2 IT Policy Forum.

    Handout: Tentative agenda for Nov 2nd forum

    Action: Need to make sure the time of the forum us spent on policy issues, and minimize time spent on other issues.

  7. Other?

Future agenda items

Future Meetings:


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