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Policy Planning Team (PPT) Meeting

April 18, 2012, 11:00-12:30, 4310 CS.

(1) Agenda Review


(2) IReport, IEncrypt policy updates

Handouts, see: IReport Policy DraftsIEncrypt Policy Drafts 

Plan: present at forum for comments. Possiblilty: Have small group discussion on how to reduce the operational impact when a system is unavailable during an investigation.

(3) Status of outreach to faculty on RUP

See PPT Meeting 2012-03-21 for background. All of that still applies.

Judy, Laura, Gary met to discuss more specific implementation ideas. We need to contine that discussion. PPT Meeting 2012-03-21 for detail, all of which still applies.

(4) Update on CIO web page changes

Need to meet with communications regarding the web design aspects. Previously created the IT Policy Index as an interim solution to making the information more readily accessible. See PPT Meeting 2012-03-21 for more background.

(5) Tentative agenda of Spring Forum

The ITransmit team will meet next week and will discuss how to present that material at the forum. 

Main questions for PPT:

  • Will the Guidelines for Use of Non-UW-Madison Applications and Service be ready to present?

  • Should the small group discussion be on reaching faculty, or on IReport, or on IEncrypt, or two of the three, or all three?

    • Faculty outreach: Definitely of strategic importance, but not urgent.
      Not yet sure what to questions to ask for the discussion.

    • IReport: Definitely urgent, potentially significant operational impact, but has less strategic importance.
      Questions would be on how to coordinate department and campus policy, reduce the operational impact, and increase reporting in departments.

    • IEncrypt (transmission): Not urgent, but people are interested in the topic.
      Questions would be on how to roll it out in a department. What kind of assistance would be most helpful for the campus to provide?

  • Mention IT policy index and other activities to help departments integrate campus and departmental policy?

(6) Other? 


Future agenda items

+ Revision of IT Policy Principles and Procedures FY 2012-2013 
   Background: IT Policy Principles and Procedures FY 2010-2011

+ Follow up: Taking IT Policy to the next level. PPT Role in IT Governance
   From PPT Meeting 2011-06-28, PPT Meeting 2011-10-24, PPT Meeting 2011-10-26 (with CIO)
   Background: PPT Charter, IT Policy Planning Team Activity Plan 2011-2012 ] (Draft)

Future Meetings

See PPT Meeting Schedule


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