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Policy Planning Team (PPT) Meeting

May 23, 2012, 11:30-13:00 Union S.

(1) Agenda Review

 Action: Some folks arriving late. Delay item 2 until they arrive.

(2) IReport, ITransmit, CIO website, other updates

Handouts: none, FYI: IReport / IReport Policy Drafts, ITransmit / IEncrypt Policy DraftsIT Policy Index 


  • IReport: Policy and procedure language is stable. Will ask MTAG to review it in June. Possibly publish in July.
  • ITransmit: Policy and compliance standards language is stable. Guideines for faculty staff and student employees still need work, mainly in prioritizing among different possible solutions to each use case. Still need to develop technical guidelines document (for IT staff and power users.) 
  • IT Policy Index, now published on list of policy-related documetns on cio policy web page:

(3) Review IT Policy forum evals, results

Handouts: Forum 2012-05 evaulations, IReport Discussion Results, FYI: IReport Policy Drafts

Action: OK. Good evaluations. Good discussion. Useful discussion results. Need to discuss IEncrypt changes in August. Time changed to 10:30-Noon for future forums.


(4) Preliminary planning for August 8th IT Policy forum

Handout: Forum 2012-08 Agenda

Action: Add "Communications and Training" to list for the policy on Storage, Transmission and Encryption of Sensitive Information


(5) IT Policy Principles and Procedures Review

Handout: IT policy principles and procedures FY 2011-2012, printable: IT Policy Principles and Procedures 4-2c.doc

Action: Not much time. Has not changed much since 2009, except the steps of the process were renumbered, and the brief text describing each step was tuned. Basic process is fine, exactly what is needed in our culture. Did not have time to review language in detail. Will continue discussion at next meeting. 


(6) Other? 


Future agenda items

IT policy principles and procedures FY 2011-2012 review.

IT Policy Plan for FY 2012-2013. Current plan is: FY 2011-2012

Future Meetings

See PPT Meeting Schedule


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