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 IT Pre-purchasing Processes (PreP)

IT Pre-purchasing Processes (PreP) explores possible improvements to institutional policies, guidelines and procedures that precede acquisition of IT resources. The goal is to improve such things as compatibility, interoperability, resource sharing, cost effectiveness, involvement of the user community, use of open source software, use of software as a service, and consistency with other strategic or operational goals.





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See AE IT Decision-making

Email, Calendar, Chat Project

IT Policy Plan,
IT Policy Process

To comment on draft documents or any other aspect of IT policy, please add your comments at the bottom of the page in question. Comments are welcome on any document at any time. Formal review is a publicized period of time where comments are proactively invited.






05/10/13Administrative Excellence IT Decision-Making implementation will cover the intended scope of the PreP initative. Transition from the AE project to CIO Office operations will take about a year.  The Guidelines for Use of Non-UW-Madison Devices, Applications and Services (nUWGuidance) remain relevant when services of that type of contemplated. The Personally Owned Devices recommendations, the Storage, Transmission and Encryption policy, and other policies and policy-related documents remain relevant where they guide purchasing decisions. For that reason, Communications (Com) and the Policy Planning Team (PPT) also remain relevant.

Initiative incorporated into Communications (Com), Policy Planning Team (PPT), and Guidelines for Use of Non-UW-Madison Devices, Applications and Services (nUWGuidance).


IT policy forum presentation.


Personally Owned Devices team meets with ECC consultant.


Added PreP presentation to Feb 3rd IT policy forum agenda. Speaker TBD.


Personally Owned Devices team meeting. Would like to coordinate with ECC team, especially with regard to cloud services.


ECC stakeholder engagement with Policy Planning Team.


ECC Survey.

201008 to

ECC Stakeholder engagement. See: materials and schedule.

201006 to

Preliminary discussions with university leadership indicates that high level sponsorship of PreP will be essential. This will take time to develop. We learn that Ron is leaving, which will likely delay the engagement of high level sponsors. Meanwhile ECC is proceeding with a practical example stageholder engagement. PreP will need wait to see what happens.


Charter for Email, Calendar, Chat Project (ECC) includes extensive stakeholder engagement during Phase I. ECC is serving as an example of a large common project, with the stakeholder engagement in Phase I serving as a prototype for an improved process of pre-purchasing engagement.


PPT Meeting. Decided to wait for results of "large common projects" initiative by the Office of the CIO. That initiative is intended to explore essentially the same thing as PreP.


Presented PreP as a possible new policy initiative at the IT Policy Forum .


Created wiki page for the initiative.


Policy Planning Team (PPT) suggests that the SaaS, OSS, WIS and ITAP can be addressed as part of the proposed IT Pre-purchasing Process (PreP) initiative. See notes for 04/06/09 below.


Discussions with Architecture suggest that a "standards based" approach to Web Interface Standards (WIS) might be less fruitful than a "process based" approach. (The difficulty with the standards based approach is that technology changes quickly and it is too difficult to keep them up-to-date.) A process based approach would necessarily be broader than WIS.


Post forum discussion suggests that the IT Pre-purchasing process is something we should consider as an initiative for the next fiscal year.


Software as a Service (Saas), Open Sources Software (OSS), Web Interface Standards (WIS) and IT Application and Infrastructure Planning (ITAP) are among those proposed as possible new policy initiatives for FY 2009/2010. All of these appear to be specific examples of improvements to the IT Pre-purchasing process (PreP). Of those above, only WIS and TPA receive sufficient votes to move forward during the coming fiscal year. See IT Policy Plan FY 2009-2010 for the voting totals.
Of note: if the votes for all the above were aggregated the total would almost match that of Information Resources Management (IRM) which was highest priority initiative by a 2 to 1 margin. It seems reasonable to concluded that as of Spring 2009, the broader (unstated) issue of IT Pre-purchasing process (PreP) was of approximately the same priority as IRM (i.e. very high.)

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