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SLiM Inventory Priority Criteria



Distribution model for the product

fits an existing service model already in production and accessible to those in the relevant field/domain/collaboration

Cost savings:
   a. for the institution
       (for example: reduce number of transactions for the product)

1 transaction for the product at $0

  b. from opportunities to aggregate
      (for example: minimize number of shared pools for that product)

1 shared pool for the product for the entire relevant field/domain/collaboration

Breadth of appeal of the product

almost everyone in the relevant field/domain/collaboration either uses or might like to use the product

Potential for new utilization of the product

almost anyone in the relevant field/domain/collaboration could potentially benefit by using the product

Reduce things that frustrate folks
   (for example: provisioning problems, onerous restrictions, etc.)

0 reasonably preventable frustrations

   (for example: vendors who are reaching out to UW)

available product and price closely matches the interests and available resources of the relevant field/domain/collaboration

Timeframe to accomplish it
   (for example: months rather than years)

1 month