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  • SLiM Meeting 2009-03-12
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Shared Licensing Management (SLiM) Meeting

Thursday, Mar 12th, 2:00-3:00, Rm 3139B CS.

Note: This meeting is the formal presentation of the SLiM recommendations to the CIO.


  1. Agenda review. OK

  2. Questions from the CIO for the team.

    Discussion: Ron Kraemer (CIO) brought a handout listing the IT assets and activities that the Deans would like to include in the campus IT inventory. Software licenses are on the list.

  3. Creation of communities.

    Discussion: The first recommendation of the SLiM team is to build shared licensing communities. The other recommendations follow the first in a "waterfall", each one contributing the success of the next.

  4. How big a problem is this, and where are the opportunities?

    Discussion: UW-Madison has been approached by a vendor that is interested in helping with the campus IT inventory. An inventory of software licenses could be part of that effort. Other thoughts on license inventory:
    • There will need to be a project manager for the software inventory.
    • It is important to collect information about what the software is being used for. This is not alway apparent from the title.
    • We could use the engineering library and DoIT catalog to organize the software being inventoried. Between the two about 80% of the software is listed.

  5. Possible pilot program.

    Discussion: We could have a pilot inventory project that focuses on broadly used common software, for example Adoble software, or Scientific, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) software. Engineering knows what packages other departments have been asking them for.

  6. Next steps:
    • The current SLiM team is officially done, however, the "steering committee" for SLiM implementation would initially consists of the members of the SLiM team, (plus or minus a few.) The steering committee should meet to discuss next steps, including such things as:
      • Creating user communities
      • What information should go into the inventory?
      • "Build the infrastructure and they will come."
      • Communications plan.
      • Possible meeting with the vendor that has offered to assist with the inventory.
    • Longer term, the campus is building an infrastructure reserve. SLiM could submit a proposal.
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