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Shared Licensing Management (SLiM)

Broader and more systematic coordination of shared software licensing may be desirable. The institution may be able to reduce costs, add educational value, and encourage interdisciplinary activity by making greater use of shared licensing.


Recent documents:

Background documents:

SLiM Inventory Priority Criteria,
Steering Committee Charter

SLiM Recommendations (on IT POLICY wiki)
SLiM IT Policy Initiative (on IT POLICY wiki)

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Recent activity


SC Meeting.


SC Meeting.


SC Meeting. Drafted SLiM Inventory Priority Criteria.


SC Meeting.


SC Meeting.


PST/SC Meeting. Transition from SLiM Policy Stakeholders Team to SLiM Steering Committee.


PST Meeting of the Policy Stakeholders Team with the CIO to present the team's recommendations.


Please see the SLiM IT policy initiative.


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