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Shared Licensing Management Steering Committee Charter

Version 2010-01-07 (updated member list)


Steering Committee, ongoing


  • Joanne Berg, DEM
  • Ron Kraemer, CIO
  • John Krogman, COO


The Shared Licensing Management Policy Stakeholders Team (SLiM PST) recommended creation of an ongoing SLiM Steering Committee to guide implementation of the SLiM recommendations and to investigate additional ways to improve shared licensing at UW-Madison.


The Steering Committee should plan and coordinate the implementation of the SLiM recommendations, inviting further input and participation from the broader community and seeking further guidance and support from the sponsors. The team may make additional recommendations on how to improve shared licensing management at UW-Madison.


The SLiM recommendations include, quote:

Recommendation 1: Create and foster a federation of shared software communities.
Enable continual improvement of shared licensing management by creating communities of interested persons. These SLIM communities are intended to foster greater communication between and coordination among software purchasers and users. Establish a steering committee to provide ongoing leadership.

Recommendation 2: Create and maintain an inventory of software licenses.
The first task of the SLiM federated communities should be to collaboratively create an inventory of software licenses in use at the UW-Madison.

Recommendation 3: Coordinate and facilitate expanded license management.
The SLiM communities should explore how license management could be coordinated to provide access by larger communities to a wider variety of software applications, and by doing so, realize potential cost savings at multiple scales across the institution. Improved coordination and scale will result in educational benefits and more efficient license management infrastructure. Explore methods to aid units in assessing and maintaining their compliance with license terms.

Recommendation 4: Collaborative contract administration.
The SLiM communities should explore ways that collaborative contract administration will result in contracts that are more favorable to the university in terms of both license costs and access for users.

Recommendation 5: Make shared licensing decisions collaboratively.
Identify how decisions involving license purchasing, management, and contract administration are made, and find ways to encourage and facilitate collaborative decision-making.

The full text of the SLiM Recommendations is located at


See Appendix A.


The deliverables of the Steering Committee must be consistent with:

  • State or federal laws.
  • UW System or UW-Madison administrative policies.


Communications should include the following:

  • The Steering Committee should communicate plans and recommendations to the sponsors.
  • The sponsors may provide additional guidance and direction as needed.
  • The Steering Committee should have a communications plan for reaching other stakeholders.

Success Factors

The steering committee should ensure there is:

  • Sufficient involvement by the broader campus community.
  • Sufficient communications with the sponsors.
  • Measureables that demonstrate impact, including measurables for each SLiM recommendation.


This charter may be amended in consultation with the sponsors.
The Steering Committee should initially review the charter and consult with the sponsors.


All members of the SLiM PST will be invited to join the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee should initially and periodically seek additional members from the broader campus community so that various groups of stakeholders are adequately represented.



Judy Caruso

CIO Office

Kevin Cherek


Gary De Clute

CIO Office

Chris Hopp

DoIT Product Mgt.

Carl Hubbard


Brian Kishter

DoIT Product Mgt.

Yvonne Nagel


Cathy O'Bryan

DoIT Help Desk

Paul Oliphant


John Perkins

Computer Science

Charlene Reick Krembs


Phil Saunders

Registrars Office

Jeffrey Shokler

Honor's Program, L&S

John Staley

DoIT Info Labs

Lori Voss


David Waugh


Beth Wiebusch

Business School



Mike Hardiman


Rob Kohlhep


Appendix A

Stakeholders might include (in no particular order):

  • IT Support Staff
    • Methods of provisioning
    • Tracking licenses
  • End Users
    • Tracking licenses by type of usage
  • Any Financial Decision Makers
    • Managers, P.I.'s, all staff interested in controlling costs
  • Inventory/Compliance Staff
    • Tracking Licenses
  • DoIT Tech Store/WISC
    • Sales
    • Possibly tracking licenses
    • Awareness of distribution patterns and changing needs
  • Campus Purchasing, DoIT delegated purchasing/unit purchasing/CIO
    • Identify the need to make single purchase vs. group
    • Negotiate license contracts
  • Legal Staff
    • Reduce risk of license violations
  • Facilities & Space Management
    • Space to store media
  • InfoLabs
    • License distribution
    • License tracking
    • Methods of installation/imaging
    • Determining and licensing costs reflect actual need for concurrent users
  • Vendors



Added Charlene Reick Krembs to the team.


Added John Krogman as a sponsor. Recorded all members of the SLiM PST as members of the SLiM SC.


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