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IT Policy Forum, Thursday, February 4th 2010, Rm 4151 Grainger Hall.

What's new at this forum?

  • Group discussion regarding the role of IT staff in helping their unit with compliance.
  • Announcement regarding the vetting of My UW-Madison portal principles.
  • Announcement of preliminary plans for GreenIT, as part of the implementation of the IT Strategic Plan.

If you have not attended a previous IT policy forum you might be interested in an introduction to IT policy at UW-Madison.


  1. Introduction [5 min]
    See: Executive Summary

  2. Status of IT policy initatives [5 min]
       Gary De Clute, Policy and Planning
    See: Status

  3. Green IT initiatives [5 min]
       Judy Caruso, Director, Policy and Planning

  4. IP (V4) Allocation [5 min]
       Dr. Chris Thorn, Wisconsin Center for Education Research
    See: IP V4 Allocation Policy | IP V4 Allocation Guidelines

  5. My UW-Madison portal principles [5 min]
       Scott Fullerton, IT Architect
    See: My UW-Madison Portal Principles | My UW-Madison Visioning Process

  6. Group discussion on compliance [60 min]
    For current IT policies see:

    Discussion results

    Discussion questions:

    1. In general, or for specific policies, what is the role of IT staff in helping their unit comply?

    2. What kind of institutional or local assistance and support do IT staff need in order to fulfill that role?

    3. What can IT staff do to help obtain the necessary assistance and support?

  7. Closing

    On the forum evaluation, please indicate the most important IT policy-related issues that require attention during the next 12-18 months.

Judy Caruso
Director, Policy and Planning

Gary De Clute
IT Policy Consultant

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