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What is the Issue

When the wiki (Atlassian's Confluence product) was first installed here at DoIT there were many handy plugins available for free and/or very low cost. We made use of these plugins in order to add polish to our documents. At some point along the way, the Authors of these plugins transitioned them to "paid" plugins. For the more expensive ones we were able to license the plugin user level differently than the base confluence product. For example, we were able to get a 10 user license for a plugin and provision the use of those seats via a group permission within Confluence. At some point Atlassian decided that all plugins must be licensed at the full user level as the base Confluence license. In our case, this is the "Unlimited" user license. Thus, these plugins have now become very expensive for what they provide in many cases.

There are 2 plugins in use in Confluence that have recently lapsed their license. These were still functional at the version they were at when the license lapsed. However with the recent upgrade to Confluence v7, they became incompatible with the base Confluence version. The result was broken links and no way of recovering what was in those elements on the page.

The affected plugins are:

PluginStatusMarket Place Listing
Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons - Advanced TablesBecause the "Advanced Tables" plugin has significant use we've decided to re-license this thru Jun2021. We are asking user of this plugin to begin the process of retiring their usage of this plugin so we will be able to retire it in Jun 2021.
Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons - HTMLThe HTML plugin has been using the free 30-day trial license. This expires on June 26th.

What to do about this

Static Copy for Reference

You may want to grab a static copy of your most important pages for future reference should any of your links and/or content become inaccessible due to these macros retiring.

Find and Fix

Locate and fix the instances where you use these macros. 

PluginClick links to find pages using pluginor search for macro referencesand search for wiki style referencesPlugin Support Page
Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons - Advanced Tables





macroName: tables-plus

macroName: csv

macroName: attachment-table

macroName: json-table




Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons - HTMLhtml

macroName: html*


Plugin Usage and Status

The "Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons - Excel" and Composition plugins have already been disabled. 

The "Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons - HTML" plugin has the following pages using it:

This HTML plugin will function thru Jun26, 2020 (when the 30-day trial license expires).

The "Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons - Advanced Tables" plugin has the following pages using it:

Since there is a significant number of pages still using the "Advanced Tables" plugin, we are going to relicense that plugin for one more year. The target to retire this plugin will be next June 2021. 

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  1. Hi JOHN R HARE. Thanks for your work in managing this challenging issue. Do you know, in the case of Advanced Tables, once the plugin is lost, will the existing Advanced Tables revert to plain old tables, or will they become gobbledygook, or will they disappear?

    1. After researching who was using the Advanced Tables plugin and how extensively it's in use, we've decided to renew the license for that one for 1 more year. This will buy some time to wean ourselves off that plugin.

      That said, once the plugin becomes unavailable, any tables using it will simply become unavailable. When the wiki doesn't know how to render a plugin it just puts a placeholder on the page "Unknown Plugin xyz" and any content inside of that plugin is not rendered and effectively lost unless that plugin is re-enabled.

      So we still want folks to start the process of retiring their usage of that plugin but we did extend that one another year.