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I'm a fan of Joseph Sciallo's Factotum blog at Sun. In addition to a lot of great information about the Sun Messaging Server, he frequently posts on general e-mail topics as well as a weekly musical diversion "Friday Blues Blogging" (where I lifted the title for this post from (smile) ).   He recently posted an article about Bacn, a newly coined term for opt in bulk e-mail (the e-mail you sign up for but don't always want flooding your Inbox - mailing lists, specials and deals from every store you've ever shopped at, newsletters, etc).  The post and article explain it pretty well so I won't bother explaining more.

We were talking here that we don't like the term Bacn that much.  First of all, it's spelled without the 'o' for no good reason.  If it were an acronym I could buy it, but I couldn't find anywhere that said it is.  Also, we don't think delicious bacon is the most appropriate type of meat to describe e-mail we don't always want.  Healthiness aside, I'd take bacon any day of the week because it's so good.  That just doesn't fit the "e-mail you want - but not right now" label.  Spam makes sense for unsolicited bulk e-mail because it's filler and nobody really wants spam, it's just not all that good.  Ham makes sense for legitimate email that you want because ham is a pretty good tasting piece of meat, something you really want.  If we're sticking to the pork analogies, I'd reserve bacon for the e-mails I really want and look forward to - the really good tasting stuff.

 So what do you call the e-mail between spam and ham then?  We came up with bologna.  It's somewhere between spam and ham.  It's not offensive like spam, but yet it's not quite legit like ham.  In fact, it's comparable to baloney (talk) which defines as nonsense or foolishness.  A lot of this type of e-mail is exactly that - nonsense.  Do you really read every newsletter or deal that winds up in your e-mail inbox?  No, you just let it wait around for when you don't have anything better.  I'd say that fits the label bologna pretty well - it's not as good as ham, but there are times when you want it.  It's right down the middle.

 But it's still not worthy of the term bacon.

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  1. I agree. The true pork hierarchy would seem to be: Bacon > Ham > Bologna > Spam. Bologna has more ham-like qualities than Spam, but in the end they're both over-processed junk.

    Fred explains to Ethel that her online shopping addiction
    is causing a bologna problem in their Inbox. 

  2. Apparently we aren't the only ones who feel the term bacn should exist only as something that once was.... 

    Bacn Needs to be Stopped

    Stop Bacn Petition 

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