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IT Policy Planning Team (PPT) Meeting, Wed, Oct 26, 2011, 11:30-1:00, Union S. Landmark A (3rd Floor)

  1. Agenda review

  2. Status of IT Policy Initiatives: [~30 min]

    • DNS Naming
      • (initiative to make the current DoIT DNS Name Selection procedure into a campus policy, expanding it to include distributed name servers)

        Action: There is not a compelling need for a formal campus policy for that portion of the the DNS name selection procedures that is within the scope of IT policy. This is because only the DoIT hostmaster can create a third level name in the name space. The existing hostmaster procedure has the effect of implementing a defacto policy which has been in place now for many years. The defacto policy enjoys broad support among the IT staff, but less support among managers who want to have a particular name at variance with the policy. For that reason, Judy and Gary will investigate how to publish something that people can reference that documents the defacto policy about third level domain names in name space.

    • ITransmit
      • (policy stakeholders team for "Protection of Sensitive Information during Transmission", an offshoot of "Storage and Encryption of Sensitive Information(IEncrypt))

        Action: The ITransmit team will soon be examining the question of what should be "policy" (mandates) and what should be "guidelines" (recommendations.) After that, the team will wrap up quickly and we'll move on to actually communicating the policy (if any) and some form of guidance, and implementing some form of practical implementation to help folks comply.

  3. Discussion with the CIO [~30 min]

    We have invited Bruce Maas to visit us for 1/2 hour or so at whatever time during the meeting is convenient.

    Topics of discussion are flexible, and we'll follow Bruce's lead on what is most relevant to discuss at this time. To assist, the following are discussion points to consider. We do not expect to reach a definite conclusion at this meeting. Instead, these are starting points for discussion:

    1. Brief summary of what the PPT is, and what it's been doing (Bruno Browning, CIO of L&S)
    2. The role of IT policy on campus, in the context of IT governance.
    3. Consistent with that role, how can the PPT be most helpful to Bruce?
    4. As a step toward being most helpful, should the PPT charter be revisited, for example: purpose, scope, deliverables, membership, etc.?

          IT Policy "Executive Summary" as of Oct 2011
          PPT Charter

      See also:
          IT Policy Planning Team Activity Plan 2011-2012 (Draft)
          IT Policy Initiatives Plan FY 2011-2012 (Draft)


    • Bruno Browning introduced the work of the team, with particular emphasis of the value and success of our IT Policy Process.

    • Bruced talked about Administrative Excellence, describing how three of the five initially identified tasks are related to IT. IT policy will be a component of the solutions for these, especially for aggregation of co-location facilities and server virtualization. Bruce emphasized the importance of first establishing "principles" which will help guide further work, and recommended that members of the team get directly involved in Administrative Excellence efforts. Bruced mentioned that Internet II is working on arranging some cloud services [which is relevant to multiple proposed IT policy initiatives including Cloud Contracting, nUWGuidance and nUWCoord, all of which were recommended by the POD/Cloud team.]

    • There was a lot of very informative discussion, including such things as:
      • reducing the cost of desktop and laptop devices within each category of hardware/OS,
      • reducing the number of distinct email and calendar services, while retaining a variety of features needed by different communities,
      • moving toward greater use of well-designed co-location facilities and server virtualization,
      • establishing base expectations for services that are not charge back, and
      • changing the economic incentives to encourage people to align with the new arrangements.

  4. Agenda for the Nov 2nd IT Policy Forum [~30 min]

    Handout: Tentative agenda

    Action: Agenda items are OK. Gary will continue adding more detail as it becomes available.

  5. Other?

Future agenda items

Future Meetings:


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