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Protection of Sensitive Information during Transmission (ITransmit)

Protection of Sensitive Information during Transmission (ITransmit) is developing recommendations for policy and guidelines that complement and extend the previous initiative that addressed Storage and Encryption of Sensitive Information (IEncrypt).

Monday, Dec 19, 2011, 9:00-10:00, Rm 2281 CS.

    ITransmit Recommendations
    IEncrypt Policy


How we got here.
    Gary De Clute, IT Policy Office


    1. Adopt a policy that sensitive information be encrypted during transmission

          Nick Davis, DoIT Security

    2. Develop and Maintain role-based documents for specific audiences

          Jim Leinweber, State Lab of Hygiene

    3. Continue to deploy and update campus sponsored solutions

          Rick Konopacki, Med School

    4. Build ongoing awareness and training

          Eric White, Survey Center



  • A single policy should address both storage and transmission.

  • Role based documents is the right approach for awareness and training.

  • We should proceed along the lines we've recommended, plus:
    • For role-based documents, need high level sponsorship. Need to engage:

      • EM
      • OHR
      • Research community via the "chief research officer"
      • Business Services

    • For campus sponsored solutions, and compliance in general:

      • Solutions will be implemented incrementally over time
      • Progress not perfection

Next steps:

  • Prep for IT Policy forum on Feb 7th

    • Approximately 30 min
    • Same short presentations as presented to CIO, (same speakers unless unable to attend)
    • Large group discussion
    • We meet again in January to make final preparations for the forum, and to discuss next steps in implementation, especially regarding how to proceed with the role-based documents (getting high level sponsorship, forming implementation teams, etc.)



  • January will probably be our last formal meeting as a team.
  • Team is willing to review documents, commenting individually. Anticipated documents are: draft policy (1), draft role-based documents (5)

Future Meetings:

  File Modified
Microsoft Word 97 Document
ITransmit_Recommendations-2011-12-0… 2011-12-07 Recommendations (as presented to the CIO)
Dec 12, 2011 by GARY W DECLUTE


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