Policy Planning Team (PPT)

Ongoing. Advises the CIO on IT Policy. Annually revises IT Policy Principles and Procedures, and assists with revision and implementation of IT Policy Plan for the fiscal year. Helps plan IT Policy Forums and other events.

Communications and Implementation (Com)

Ongoing. Communications and implementation of IT policies. IT policy awareness.

Recommended or Proposed


Electronic Devices Policy, update (EDevices)

Proposed. See policy at: Possible changes include a firewall requirement, and support for the minimun base-line standard for end point security. Working with UW-MIST.

On Hold


Information Resource Management (IRM)

On Hold. Administrative Excellence is addressing data management.



Information Incident Reporting (IReport)Completed in September 2012. Communications will be ongoing. See Com.

Responsible Use (RUP) [ formerly Appropriate Use (AUP) ]

Completed in October 2011. Communications will be ongoing. See Com.

Use of Personally Owned Devices (and Cloud Computing) for University Business (POD)

Completed 08/22/2011. Implemention to immediately follow. See IRM (Rec #1),Cloud Contracting (Rec #2), nUWGuidance (Rec #3),  nUWGuidance or Com (Rec #4), nUWCoord (Rec #5), IRM and Com (Rec #6).

Anonymous Proxy Servers (AProxy)

Complete 01/21/2011. No futher action required.

IEncrypt/IReport Joint Implementation Team (IERJIT)

Completed 09/24/2010. Ongoing implementation activity transfered to Communications and Implementation (Com) initiative.

Information Incident Reporting (IReport)

Completed 02/04/2010. Effective 6/1/2009. See policy at:

Storage and Encryption of Sensitive Information (IEncrypt)

Completed 02/04/2010. Effective 6/1/2009. See policy at:

Use of Institutional Access Control Services (IAccess)

Completed 11/11/2009. Effective 12/1/2009. See policy at:

Media and Device Disposal and Reuse (IDispose)

Completed 11/11/2009. Effective 7/1/2009. See policy at:

Collection of Personal Identity Information via Email (COPE)

Completed 9/1/2009. Effective 2/11/2009. Revised 6/1/2009. See policy at:

Guidelines for Use of Non-UW-Madison Applications and Service

Completed 7/22/2009. Effective 7/22/2009. See also: Google Apps at

Definition of Sensitive Information

Completed 05/19/2009. Effective 01/09/2009. See definition at:

Shared Licensing Management (SLiM)

Completed 4/16/2009. See the SLiM Wiki for disposition of the team's recommendations.

Framework for Protection of Sensitive Info (PSIFramework)

Completed 3/13/2009. Implementation covered by Information Resource Management (IRM) initiative. See the notes from the 3/13/2009 meeting for disposition of the team's recommendations.

Information Incident Response Process (IRespond)

Completed 01/23/2009. Effective 01/23/2009. See also IReport policy at:

Appropriate Use of NetID (NetID AUS)

Completed 01/14/2009. See also Use of Institutional Access Control Services (IAccess) initiative.

Copyright Infringement Response Process

Completed 10/7/2008. See also:



IP version 6 planning (IP6)

Ongoing. (Coordinated by Network Services.)

IP version 4 allocation (IP4)

Ongoing IP Allocation Committee formed in Nov 2008.(Coordinated by Network Services.)

Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

Incorporated into Identity Management (IdM) initiative.

IT Application and Infrastructure Planning (ITAP)

Incorporated into IT Pre-purchasing Process (PreP) initiative.

Web Interface Standards (WIS)

Incorporated into IT Pre-purchasing Process (PreP) initiative.

Open Source Software (OSS)

Incorporated into IT Pre-purchasing Process (PreP) initiative.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Incorporated into IT Pre-purchasing Process (PreP) initiative.

Green Practices in IT (GreenIT)

Incorporated into Red, White and Green project and GreenIT wiki.

Communications for Guidance on non-UW-Madison Devices, Applications and Services

Incorporated into Communications (Com), Policy Planning Team (PPT), and Guidelines for Use of Non-UW-Madison Devices, Applications and Services (nUWGuidance) .

Third Party Applications (TPA)Incorporated into nUWGuidance initiative.

Contracting for non-UW-Madison Applications and Services (Cloud Contracting)

Incorporated into nUWGuidance initative. The instutution is actively engaged in contracting for cloud services, and in developing a process to make this easier for all concerned.

Coordination of Activitives Involving non-UW-Madison Devices and Services (nUWCoord)

Incorporated into nUWGuidance initative.  hose activities amenable to coordination are either being coordinated or such coordination is evolving naturally.

Pre-purchasing Planning (PreP)Canceled. The implementation of the AE IT Decision-making initiative in the Office of the CIO is addressing the intended scope of PreP.

Identity Management (IdM)

Canceled. Some of the major issues have been (or are being) addressed. There is less need for a policy initiative.

DNS Naming (DNS Naming)

Canceled. Issues raised were not actuallly about DNS. Not an IT policy issue, more like a campus web site "branding" issue.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Canceled. Was already being done by Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) project. See: